I recently received a lease offer in the mail and know of several other land owners that also received offers. We're located near the intersection of LA Hwy. 392 and LA Hwy 111.  Tidbits & Tackle Convenience Store is at that intersection. The new Continental Resources Well, North Haddens Field that I recently read about on another Vernon Parish discussion is about 3 miles west of the above highway intersection. I wonder if my lease offer is connected to the Continental well.  Does anyone have additional information? 

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Roger, Continental Resources spud the AUS C RA SUB;Labokay 20-17H #1 with surface location in Section 20 -3N-11W December 1.

If you would care to start a discussion to follow this well, please do that in the Vernon Parish Group.


Or in the Austin Chalk Group.


Skip, thanks for the follow up. I posted my confusing discussion in error to the main page. I would much prefer to follow this well on your existing discussion about it on the Vernon Parish page.  I may try to start a discussion about lease offers, terms and prices in the area on the Vernon Parish page.

You're welcome, Roger.  Yes, getting the word to Vernon mineral owners would work best on the Vernon Parish page.  If you'll start a new discussion there, I'll put a link to it on the Austin Chalk group page as I think those with Austin Chalk hopes in other parishes would be interested that Continental Resources has landed in your backyard.  Continental is a big, experienced horizontal driller.


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