Someone wants to buy water to store in one of those lined ponds. It's not enough water alone to frac a well so they want to store it. Anybody have thoughts on this.

Another question been approached to dig a pond that they would line and use for frac jobs and store water. Is it better just to dig a pond yourself.

Any insight appreciated!

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Interesting, they must limit supply for that to support the $.25-$.50/bbl. prices I've seen mentioned in other threads here. I'm right to assume that's the price they're charging for frac water haulers to fill?
Effectively, the limiting factor for Toledo Bend water in LA is pipeline or trucks to move it. Depending on who you talk to, temporary pipelines longer than about 4 miles aren't viable.
Thanks to both Aubrey and dbob for the info. I'm thinking like Aubrey that a 404 might not be needed as this is restoration of an existing (and federally-assisted) pond, kind of like "prior-converted" cropland? The pond could be enlarged (depth and excavation of other sides) but the dam I imagine could be repaired (it's not all gone) close to original specs.

Please note there is no real stream flowing onto the property--the ravines carry only during rainfall.

The pond is not large but is fed by two ravines and some continuous-flow spring water. It probably could be sized to maybe 2 acres X 10-12ft, but recharges rapidly with normal rainfall. The former spillway never ceased flow even in the driest weather. My brothers remember it filling originally in a fairly short time after construction. It also has nearby paved road access.

Aubrey, we're in DeSoto.
We have some land leased for our cows. Last summer, one of the companies put in a frac pond on the place. They built a fence around it and placed a liner in it. In regards to our cows, I am glad they put a fence around the location because the sides of the pond are steep and the liner makes it slick. I would hate to have a cow or calf drown because they cannot climb back out. We were able catch the operator on site one of the times they were filling the pond. He informed us that one of the reasons for the liner is that they put chemicals in the water before they frac with it. The chemicals kill bacteria in the water but it is safe for the cows to drink. It is a bit inconvenient when they pump water out of the pond for a frac job because they have aluminum pipe laid out everywhere and not enough crossings in the pastures when we check our cows, a minor nuisance. IMO, I think the pond added to the value of the property. Once they finish using it, they will remove the liner and it will be a great source of water for the cows. I just thought you might appreciate hearing about a real life situation with a frac pond.
Thanks for the info.


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