Do anyone have any information on the two wells that were drilled by SWN in section 21-12N-14W in desoto parish.

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All four wells received work orders to be fracked in January and February so it is likely the wells are completed by now but not yet reported complete to the state.  That can take a few months after the work order for a frac crew to be available and then some weeks for a completed well to be reported to the state and be entered in the database..  The only way to know for sure if the frack was done would be for someone to have seen the operations.  They take weeks so they are hard to miss.

Ok...thanks so much!

Nothing in O&G moves fast, paperwork wise.  The well that’s been producing since October still hasn’t sent me a check, maybe that’ll give you an idea.  By the way, I’m in Texas.  YMMV…

Oh wow... what company are you with... hopefully all companies are not that slow!!!


It's not unusual for a first royalty to take up to 180 days from first production.  I'd say that's not the average but it's not unusual.  In Louisiana, a mineral lessor can demand interest on payments delayed longer than 180 days but the state does not monitor royalty payments nor does it have requirements for timely payments other than the interest on payments beyond 180 days.  So, basically mineral lessors have no recourse and must simply wait.


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