well site located between winnfield and atlanta in sardis community. Wondering if anybody has info on well to be drilled. Oil, gas or both like in ashland.

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Thanks for the infor. Skip.
Does anyone have any updates on this well, ser. # 242736 ? Thanks.
The well was reported 35 days drilling ahead as of last Friday.  No depth was given however barring any problems the well should be nearing it's permitted Measured Depth very soon.  I wouldn't be surprised to see the rig no longer drilling by next Friday's report.

Thanks for the update Skip.

Devon Energy has permitted the Devon-Donner 29H (243301) in Section 29 -9N - 3W, Winn Parish.


glynn, I suggest it is time to add this discussion thread to the Winn Parish Group so those members will not miss it.


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