A small 4.4 magnitude earthquake here in the Permian Basin this morning is already being attributed to fracking by conspiracy theorist. Google it! It is stranger than fiction some even want to blame Dubya.

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Perhaps the occurence of this movement will prevent a big one, regardless of the cause!!!  Just suppose this stress had continued to build for a few million years!!! KaBoom!!! I have no doubt that fracing can result in minor tremors. Tremors often  occur when large lakes fill with water for the first time after construction of a large dam.  I say so what if a few minor tremors occur as result of fracing, or for that matter as a result of salt water disposal via injection wells.
True with the emphasis on minor not a 4.4


1996 Joule II proceedings suggest that controlled hydraulic fracturing does not induce seismic activity above a magnitude of one. (Department of Energy)

I think it was Perry's understanding of evolution and geophysics that made the earth move in protest! lol
A very plausible and thought provoking conclusion.  I like that explanation.
Thanks.  And we believe things are bad today with climate change!  Wouldn't have wanted to be around in those 10,000 years with all the mountain building, volcano, glacier, and Grand Canyon processing going on.
That make sense, then when can blame the larger D.C. quake on Obama theology :.)
And maybe the one last month in Virginia is attributable to fracking in the Marcellus Shale?  I guess we could blame Dubya for this one too.

I think all of the fracking going on in East Texas is causing our Earthquakes out here!!!!


Can't be because I live next to an active volcano and on two major fault lines of the

Pacific 'Ring of Fire'....

Nope, gotta be fracking is the cause!!! Yep! Yep! Yep!


Bill, don't look now but plenty of fracing going on in your back yard.  We try to keep our fracing to ourselves here in E. TX and NW. LA.  LOL!
I don't know who to blame or what the cause of the earthquakes, but if you'll read Matthew 24:7, Mark 13:8, and Luke 21:11, you can get an understanding why we are seeing more and more earthquakes.
next thing you know we'll have to start a religion group.

No, No.  You have it all wrong.  It's not Dubya, its HAARP!



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