A small 4.4 magnitude earthquake here in the Permian Basin this morning is already being attributed to fracking by conspiracy theorist. Google it! It is stranger than fiction some even want to blame Dubya.

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I know about HARP...they have a web site.

If they don't stop all this fracking my home (Phoenix) may become beach front property. At which time I shall invite all of you to a BEACH PARTY.


On a serious vein; Did you know that withdrawal of any kind of fluids from the earth can create tremors. Especially overdraft of aquifers. Also pumping oil has caused subsidence in Houston area. This is an ongoing proccess in many areas, especially in AZ and Mexico. If you want more info I suggest you Google "Earth Fissures"  I don't know what you will find as I have not Googled it. But I have much experience as engineering geologist dealing with problems they create.. Earth fissures are big problem here. We deal with them all the time in localized areas. In some areas ground surface elevations have been reduced due to overdraft of groundwater. In one area elevation has been lowered by 22 feet in a hundred years.

"Earth Fissures" and earthquakes are two different things. There is also a big difference between a small tremor 1.0 which can be attributed removal of fluids and a 4.4 quake.

That "Bush Fault" must run from D.C. all the way to West Texas!
Our earth is on a polar shift 2012. Check it out on NASA and YouTube.
I believe it is happening but slowly...that's why we are seeing so many unique disasters all over. Look...more small earthquakes...more large earthquakes...our earth is shifting. Our ozone layer has thinned.  It affects everything and most people dont get it. Anyway check it out. Be prepared.


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