Looking for information on leasing activity in Walker County, Texas (Huntsville). Lease prices? Formation? Any information appreciated.


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Woodbine/Buda/Georgetown, Dexter, Eagle Ford, Eaglebine, Austin Chalk and/or Yegua.  Come join us over on the District 3 group http://www.gohaynesvilleshale.com/group/district3oilgasgroup

My personal favorite (and you'll only find it here) Eaglewoosa, Teaglebine or some other variation of Eagle Ford, Woodbine, and Tuscaloosa Marine Shale.  

Thanks for the invite.


By the way, there was a range well (Gibbs brothers Apollo), Stingray by ZaZa, and SM well.  The play appears to extend into Polk County, and we as a general group believe it to have similar potential to the woodbine development in Leon and Madison County.  See recent investor presentations by Halcon for one of the few companies saying things publicly.  

Thanks dbob.


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