What happens if I don't sign the lease? I have several concerns, and my O&G attorney does as well. Thanks. 

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Then you are force pooled into a drilling and production unit and fall under the statutes of the Louisiana mineral code that deal with unleased mineral owners.  Is your attorney an experienced O&G attorney?  If so, he/she should be able to answer this question for you.

I'm sorry -- I should have told you this is Cass County, TX, and it's a brine lease. There are two wells on the property already that are producing oil under Plains All American. Thank you. 

Thanks for letting us know, Julia.  We have another member who has turned down a brine lease offer recently in Cass County.  I'm pretty sure that "compulsory integration" as Texas likes to call force pooling wouldn't apply to forming a unit for brine development.  Maybe we have a member that is familiar with the appropriate Texas statutes.

Here is a link to that discussion in the Cass County Group: https://gohaynesvilleshale.com/group/casscounty/forum/topics/brine-...

Thank you. My O&G attorney glanced at the lease and said she saw a number of problems right away. 

The lease offers seem to be a fishing expedition.  An attempt to get acreage under lease on the cheap prior to any real investment in testing the brine in Cass County for any economic concentrations of lithium.


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