Thanks to Joe Lovelace for bringing this to the members' attention.  Much of the brine leases in south Arkansas were taken years ago when the demand and value of the by products was considerably less than currently.  Although there are other by products of worth, Lithium is the focus of efforts to increase brine extraction.  Help get the word out and provide some details to help members get up to speed.

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Thank you Skip for posting my inquiry.  The brine lease offer is made by Cass County Brine, LLC and covers approximately 1,000 net mineral acres on the East side of Cass County near Kildare.  I suspect extraction wells may be drilled to recover brine from the Smackover and wastewater previously injected as a byproduct of O&G drilling.  Cass County does not have the existing infrastructure to extract and refine brine as South Arkansas.  The most marketable product now from refining brine is Lithium.  Standard Lithium has a plant near El Dorado piloting this process.  A similar plant would need to be constructed to refine the brine recovered here. I am exploring new territory negotiating the brine lease terms, i.e. Bonus, Royalty & duration of lease.  Any help would be appreciated.  Joe Lovelace

Your welcome, Joe.  Cass County Brine LLC does not appear to be registered in Texas with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts under that name so proceed with caution.  Here is a link to the Union County AR Group where there are previous discussions regarding leases for brine.

Here is a link to a brine lease discussion in the Columbia County AR Group.

Thanks for posting this.  I just got a call from a Jeremiah Nikel yesterday regarding leasing our minerals for brine.  I'll receive a packet of information in the mail soon and will hopefully know more about this.  

Thanks for posting CCG.  Spread the word.  Cass mineral owners need to be informed.

For the benefit of the group, I was unable to reach favorable terms with Cass County Brine, LLP and did not sign a lease.

Thanks for that update

Thanks, Joe.  Do you know of others who have been approached with a brine lease or may be in negotiations?

Yes, several have contacted me that offers had been made.

Thanks.  It would be helpful if you were comfortable with sharing the terms of the lease offers.

Or ask others who have had offers to join this site and discussion. The more info, the better. I am sure that others would benefit from some discussions about this topic.

Joe, do you mind sharing the terms of your lease offer?  


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