What lease bonus $$$ is acceptable for 2009... the following is how I see it.

Lease Bonuses::

2007.........$100 - $300 / acre leases..................way too low

2008.........$20,000 & up / acre leases...............evidently too high

2009.........$2500 - $10,000 / acre leases ........seems about right

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KB. Just what are you offering to "lend"? Hope it isn't those rsp's.
Can't get a grip on this one. Ooops, maybe I don't need to.
HA. Or maybe, well maybe, well I better shut the heck up.
Earl has the best screen image of all members of GHS. I bow in respect.
When I recover from the belly laughs and the rolling on the floor. I will respond, Earl.
See what you started KB. If you could just picture my buddy in those drawers.............
Mr. Stewart- boxers are drawers, briefs are drawers ... that is a ... is a ... lace hankie! Makes one proud to be in the pirate group. :0)
By the way Earl, I like your drawers. Or who evers they are. Hope I didn't step on any toes.
Hey Earl, the new picture looks like something that could be a part of my pirate flag or hat.
Earl. You're killin me. Stop . Please Stop! I haven't laughed this long and hard since I came on board the good ship, GHS.
You can kiss my goat smelling assrear end. But I offfer this in a nice kind of way.
(Can you offer this in a nice kind of way? Well what the hell). Take it or leave it.
Or as Snake would say, Have a good day.
Hey BirdDawg,
It gets easier the more times you force yourself to be nice. I promise. (LOL)
Please dont take this out of context.....Have a good one. :0)
I agree with your description of anti-scam/low-ball leasers graysands. I would add I would need enough of a bonus to make it worth my while-lawyer, taxes etc.


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