Shale news is soooooo slow and I am bored. I am wondering whatever happened to some of the most verbal players in the beginning of this site. Mooncookie, Jim Crow, Snake Stewart, Kassi, Jay (the other Jay--not Shale Geo).  There were others whose names I have now forgotten who are also lost. Did you all metamorphosize into our newer peers. If not, let's hear from you all again

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Kittycat, I look at it this way, everything got placed in neat little boxes called groups, whereas everything use to be on the main page. Voices were lost into these boxes and the free for all momentum of the main page was muted into holes like the Political Forum where 5 or 6 rule. Some of the originals have been kicked off, others have chosen to just leave, while some still lurk in the shadows. Internet sites evolve and GHS has evolved into what I think Kieth intended it to be, a place to learn. Learning Libraries are quiet places. GHS started out on a faster and louder foot and loud feet catch the attention of some. This was the base and when things quieted down, the base went to louder pastures.

Two dogs, Some of the ones who no longer post were informative. Some were obnoxious, I have to admit. Some were obnoxious and ENTERTAINING. The key to any site is the volume of traffic to that site which generates advertising. Like it or not, 100% learning places can be quite boring. Boring places tend to lose traffic which tends to lose advertising $s and then there is no site. A little controversy now and then spices up things.

What about an opinion from the others out there??

I am all for a place where we can let things shine. Kittycat you may have been here probably longer than me so start a group that will for-fill our needs for more early GHS talk. I would love to have KB, Earl & Earline and others back on and commenting. DrWav is back, he is one that got my attention from one of my Lessors at the get go.

Hey Duece,

I agree. I see KB (Kat) on another site on occasion. I wonder what happened to Earl and Earline.

I am trying to think of other old timers. How about "Jim the Benton Brawler"?

And I have to say, I miss ole Dorcheated. And don't forget Coonman.

I think that HS was hyped  up so much in the beginning that people really got excited......

T-H-E-N  ..... it seems everything has come to a screeching HALT, companies did not follow through on some leases, people became DISCOURAGED, companies moved to supposedly greener pastures and left some people high and dry after leading people to believe they were sitting on a "Gold Mine" (abundant natural gas).  And, I'm afraid that some people went out on a limb and spent money that they did not have.....(Luckily, I did not fall for all the hype (don't get me wrong--I got excited but managed to keep my thinking in the right direction---), even though I definitely had things told to me by people connected to the companies,  that, had I not really thought it through, I would be in a world of hurt now....)     I hope that someday before I leave this earth that things will again BUZZ in the HS.

@kitty - just to give you some inside information that you may want. Traffic is the highest it's ever been (with the exception of the summer of 08, the gold rush). The last 30 days are 15% higher than the same 30 days in 2010. Traffic has actually been higher since the fall of 2010. There was a big big dip from Sept 08 to Feb 2010. I was hearing over and over that new people didn't want to post for fear of getting into a tiff. Advertisers want traffic, but they also want little drama and consistency.


I have enjoyed every member that has come through these, "doors" and the contributions they have made. Many have taught me something...most good, some bad and some, a little ugly.

When is the next Shaler Party? These posts/comments are 3 years old.


I have to agree with TD. I'm here to get information and to spread information not for the drama. I can understand your point of view at least from the standpoint that the HA has cooled somewhat. But the information that this site provides in the new areas of exploration and discovery is very very serious to some of us. I applaud Keith for putting this site together and staying on top of it. 

I believe that once an individual's well comes in their posts and information gathering or giving slows or stops all together. 


I think a lot of the old timers left when they discovered they were not in the shale. You remember in the early days, folks thought the shale went from asshole to appetite. Now we know it appears to be in a specific portion of NW Louisiana. Well maybe how specific, we may not be sure. But we sure lost a lot of active members in north Caddo and Webster Parishes. Who was the race car driver from North Caddo? Ray somebody or something like that?

Hey I forgot Earl and Earline and Coonman. Didn't Dorcheat Al post awhile back. I am here to get info too. It just seems that the site has slowed down. Hey I used to have a great contact and could post "rumors" that ususally were close to the truth. That contact left and now I am dependent on others for their rumors. Information seems to just be trickling out now.


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