When will Devon give us an update on their James Lime wells in San Augustine?

IP's have been:

Sublett 2H

300 Bbl

2121 Mcf

Halbert Trust 2H

1440 Bbl

3000 Mcf

Kardell 2H

361 Bbl

4256 Mcf

R. Griffin 2H

561 Bbl

2613 Mcf

R. Griffin 3H

447 Bbl

3260 Mcf

Skillern 3H

350 Bbl

3356 Mcf

Looks like success on every well thus far.  They have leased thousands of acres with depth clauses to the base of the Pettet in Sabine and San Augustine yet hardly any word from Devon as to their plans????  Anyone heard of any pipelines for the condensate in the works?  Any other thoughts would be appreciated.

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Guess they keep everything secret for as long as they can on certain projects. I have been waiting for a Mooringsport Shale well drilled in Winn Parish, it has been flowing back since 12-27-12.

Based on the RRC production data querry - found here  http://webapps.rrc.state.tx.us/PDQ/generalReportAction.do.  The Sublett #2H has produced 39,177 bbls of condensate and  468,240 mcf of gas since June of 2011.  No reporting on the others, at least that I can see.

I added up the pending reports on the Halbert Trust 2H and it has produced over 64,000 Bbl and 484,000 Mcf in it's first nine months.  It is the best producer of the bunch thus far.


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