Aethon Energy Operating, LLC          

12500' LAN BIENVILLE CHK 33-28-21HC #003-ALT RAPAD DRLG CO LLC #43 DW 9/25/19 10 9138' GAS HOR OD                 

11100' LAN BOSSIER  TREAT 14-23 HC #003-ALT ENSIGN US DRLG #T135 DW 9/21/19 14 17038' GAS HOR OD                 

11200' LAN BOSSIER ROY 18-19 HC #001 NABORS DRILLING #X06 DW 9/16/19 19 20895' GAS HOR OD                 

12000' LAN CADDO  C B PORT ET AL 18-7 HC #001-ALT NABORS DRILLING #X06 DW 10/13/19  GAS HOR OD                 

12600' LAN RED RIVER LAWSON 31-30-19 HC #003ALT PRECISION DRLG #579 8/23/19 43 23451' GAS HOR OD                 

13200' TX06 NACOGDOCHES    REVOLUTION 9 GU #5HB ENSIGN US DRLG #T132 DW 9/10/19 25 21040' GAS HOR OD                 

14000' TX06 SAN AUGUSTINE  KVG-KING ALLOC #1H PRECISION DRLG #614 10/1/19 4 13790' GAS HOR OD                 

14000' TX06 SAN AUGUSTINE  KVG-KING ALLOC #3H PRECISION DRLG #554 9/18/19 17 1008' GAS HOR OD                 

13000' TX06 SHELBY         ORION UNIT #1H PRECISION DRLG #109 9/23/19 12 7284' GAS HOR OD   


BP America Production Company         

19500' TX06 ANGELINA  BRONTO GAS UNIT #3HB NABORS DRILLING #X07 DW 9/4/19 31 19545' GAS HOR OD                 

19500' TX06 NACOGDOCHES    RHEA GAS UNIT #1H NABORS DRILLING #X35 DW 10/6/19  GAS HOR OD                 



Brix Operating, LLC                   

12500' LAN DE SOTO   J SMITH ET AL 3H #001 PATTERSON UTI #211 DW 9/27/19 8 GAS HOR OD                 

13850' LAN RED RIVER   COATS 30-19 H #001 NABORS DRILLING #X02 DW 9/29/19 6 9002' GAS HOR OD                 

13000' LAN RED RIVER   BLACKSTONE 18 H #001 CACTUS DRILLING #159 DW 9/23/19 12 GAS HOR OD                 



Comstock Oil & Gas - LA, LLC          

13000' LAN CADDO    HEARNE 20-17 HC #001-ALT NABORS DRILLING #X01 DW 10/12/19  GAS HOR OD                 

13000' LAN CADDO    COOK 19-18 HC #001-ALT HELMERICH & PAYNE #430 DW 10/3/19 2 GAS HOR OD                 

13000' LAN CADDO   HEARNE 20-17 HC #002-ALT NABORS DRILLING #X01 DW 9/25/19 10 10270' GAS HOR              

13000' LAN CADDO   AGURS 29-20 HC #2-ALT HELMERICH & PAYNE #452 DW 9/16/19 19 GAS HOR OD   REPERMIT OF 250804           

13000' LAN DE SOTO    BEDSOLE 3-10 HC #001-ALT PATTERSON UTI #209 DW 10/3/19 2 GAS HOR OD                 

13000' LAN DE SOTO   MATTHEWS 17-8 HC #003ALT  HELMERICH & PAYNE #418 DW 9/19/19 16 GAS HOR OD

13000' TX06 HARRISON   MASSINGALE MO -H- #1H HELMERICH & PAYNE #445 DW 9/12/19 23 GAS HOR OD       


Covey Park Gas, LLC                   

12600' LAN BIENVILLE   CPG 33-15-10 H #002-ALT PATTERSON UTI #281 DW 9/23/19 12 GAS HOR OD    

12200' LAN DE SOTO  PERKINS 3-10 HC #001-ALT PATTERSON UTI #269 DW 8/24/19 42 GAS HOR OD  REPERMIT OF 251410           



GEP Haynesville, LLC                  

12500' LAN DE SOTO BURFORD LAND 8-5 HC #001ALT  INDEPENDENCE DRLG #206 10/1/19 4 GAS HOR                 

12500' LAN DE SOTO  LAND & KNOWLES 7-6HC #001-ALT  INDEPENDENCE DRLG #208 9/27/19 8 GAS HOR                 

13000' LAN DE SOTO  CMP LLC 30-31HC #002-ALT INDEPENDENCE DRLG #203 9/12/19 23 GAS HOR OD                 

13000' LAN DE SOTO  ROBERTSON 30-31H #001 INDEPENDENCE DRLG #207 8/16/19 50 GAS HOR OD                 

12000' LAN RED RIVER  MARTIN TIMBER 10 H #002 HELMERICH & PAYNE #376 DW 9/20/19 15  HOR OD


Goodrich Petroleum Company            

11800' LAN DE SOTO   A LOFTUS 27&34 HC #001ALT  BASIN DRILLING LP #103 DW 9/14/19 21 10935' GAS HOR OD          

REPERMIT OF 251134        


Hopewell Operating, Inc.              



Indigo Minerals, LLC                  

13000' LAN DE SOTO  RMSY 34&3-13-16 HC #001ALT NABORS DRILLING #X33 DW 10/12/19  GAS HOR OD                  

13000' LAN DE SOTO  RMSY 34&3-13-16 HC #002ALT NABORS DRILLING #X33 DW 10/5/19  GAS HOR OD                 

13000' LAN DE SOTO    SCRUGGS 10&3-12-15 #002 PATTERSON UTI #239 DW 9/30/19 5 GAS HOR OD                 

13500' LAN DE SOTO    HDRK 31&30&19-13-15 H #003PATTERSON UTI #591 DW 9/11/19 24 GAS HOR OD                 

11500' LAN DE SOTO     BRUMMETT 8-5 H #003 INDEPENDENCE DRLG #164 9/8/19 27 GAS HOR OD                 

15000' LAN NATCHITOCHES   RKS CRK 7&18-9-10HC #001 BASIN DRILLING LP #101 DW 9/16/19 19 13055' GAS HOR                

14500' LAN NATCHITOCHES   RUSS 11&14-10-10HC #001 PATTERSON UTI #586 DW 9/16/19 19 GAS HOR                 

15000' LAN NATCHITOCHES   RKS CRK 7&18-9-10HC #002ALT INDEPENDENCE DRLG #230 9/13/19 22 GAS HOR                 

14500' LAN SABINE   TRISTAR 1&12-9-11 HC #003ALT  HELMERICH & PAYNE #397 DW 8/13/19 53 GAS HOR                 


Pine Wave Energy Partners Op, LLC     

10716' TX06 PANOLA   SHARP #1H BASIN DRILLING LP #105 DW 9/25/19 10 5607' GAS HOR OD    


  1. Lacy Services, Ltd.

12000' TX06 PANOLA         HICKS-SHIVERS #3HH RAPAD DRLG CO LLC #041 DW 10/3/19 2 85' GAS HOR OD  


Rockcliff Energy Operating, LLC        

12000' TX06 HARRISON     ABNEY 1215 HV UNIT A #1H NABORS DRILLING #X17 DW 10/10/19  GAS HOR OD                 

12000' TX06 HARRISON     HIGHTOWER HV UNIT B #2H NABORS DRILLING #X17 DW 9/20/19 15 20015' GAS HOR OD                 

15000' TX06 PANOLA       HERNDON HV WEST UNIT B #2H HELMERICH & PAYNE #458 DW 10/3/19 2 GAS HOR OD                 

12000' TX06 PANOLA       POPE JEAN HV UNIT B #4H HELMERICH & PAYNE #475 DW 10/3/19 2 GAS HOR OD                 



Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation          

12000' TX06 HARRISON     FURRH GR-FURRH WK (AW) #1H  HELMERICH & PAYNE #383 DW 9/24/19 11 GAS HOR OD      


Sponte Operating, Inc.                



Tanos Exploration II, LLC             



XTO Energy, Inc.                      

22700' TX06 SAN AUGUSTINE  BSI EAGLES DU #B2 SCANDRILL INC #ENDEVR 9/26/19 9 GAS HOR OD                 

19300' TX06 SAN AUGUSTINE  WARRIORS DU #B 2 CACTUS DRILLING #150 DW 9/24/19 11 GAS HOR OD                           

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Thank you for posting this, Skip. I'm a little confused.

Is Aethon's: 

11100' LAN BOSSIER  TREAT 14-23 HC #003-ALT ENSIGN US DRLG #T135 DW 9/21/19 14 17038' GAS HOR OD 

The same as BHP Billiton's:

251156 HA RA SU91;JESTMA LLC 14-23 HC 003-ALT B373 3608 08 00 014 16N 11W 07/12/2018

Also, SONRIS states there's a 9/13/19 FRAC for JESTMA 14-23 HC 004 ALT that I think actually happened last fall. I'm assuming that this must be a state data-entry typo on the year due to the tremendous lag time in the state being able to catch up with the well data postings. And the same is true for 14-23 HC 002 ALT, i.e., with a 9/11/19 FRAC, which I think must've happened in 2018 since the three new JESTMA wells which spudded in 14 16N 11W are already in pay, even though it took Billiton a quite long time to start coughing up the royalty payment to the mineral owners.             

Aethon Treat 14-23 is in 14-17-12, S/N 251711.  The BHP Jestma is in 14-16-11.  Both Jestma 14-23 #2 & #4 did not get approval for the frac until late in 2018, likely both fracks occurred sometime in 2019 as there is usually some weeks or month between the state approval and the actual completion.  The well file entry for frac has a report date but not a date for the actual frac operation.  So impossible to know for sure.  As to delayed royalty payment, happens a lot with all Haynesville operators.  The only thing you can do is send a certified demand letter for interest once there has been 180 days since the completion date. 

Thank you, Skip. Much appreciated. That clarifies it.

Oh, in regards to those who continue to stick their heads in the sand as to the legitimacy of climate change, it reminds me of a history lesson from long ago. The Flat Earth folks knew for a fact that they were right. The Earth wasn't round, and the sun revolved around the Earth. They didn't want to believe hard science. They didn't want to believe the smart guys who were smarted than they were.

Thank goodness our military believes in hard science. We'd be in a pickle if we let those who disrespect the PhDs and the bright scientific minds build and aim our nukes.

Again, so many of us on GHS truly appreciate your time and effort to share your knowledge. Wonderful job.

You're welcome, Jesse.  I think there will always be climate deniers although their ranks are thinning.  I am encouraged that the majority of Americans believe the science and now support action.

As a former president of Northern Louisiana mensa, I can assure you there are plenty of skeptics of climate science that are very, very intelligent. Being condescending towards them only makes the confrontations worse.

Not pushing back on climate denials has allowed the debate to stall and for the easiest, least disruptive mitigation solutions to go unrealized.  As that trend continues, and in fact has gotten worse under this administration, we are left with less palatable choices.  If making some uncomfortable because they find the facts and arguments condescending, so be it.  The time for remaining silent is past.  It is time for voters to make up their minds and address the climate crisis with the priority that it deserves.

Royal, do such skeptics have PhDs in climatology from top universities? Are their views based upon the objective facts of solid academic research, or are their views based upon subjective opinions? Do you think Einstein would have agreed with the thousands of credentialed scientists who've gone on record to legitimize the hard facts of climate change?


Yes, to your first question.


At first glance, Curry does seem to have decent credentials. Yet numerous scientists also dispute her scientific conclusions. Plus, her PhD is not in climatology. It's in Geophysical Sciences. She won't disclose her list of clients, although she has received funding from the fossil fuel industry and some think this reflects a conflict of interest. From the link below, Curry "denies playing down the urgency of climate action: 'I am saying nothing about that one way or the other.' "

Source Watch


IMO the breadth & depth of her background, experience and career roles indicate that she is someone who is extremely qualified to provide pertinent insights into this topic.

Though I try to stay abreast of both sides of key issues, personal preference is to rely on neutral / unbiased sources information to inform my opinion and / or to add to my knowledge base. Source Watch is rated "moderately to strongly biased toward liberal causes through story selection and/or political affiliation" by so even though I don't entirely discount their comments, I take them with a big grain of salt. :-)


We both know that the glaciers are melting worldwide and the ocean levels are rising. The temperature averages are up, too. One can't ignore the facts. We both also know that the majority of unbiased scientists have agreed that the Earth is experiencing climate change. Curry is one outlier. One with dubious logic behind her arguments. There are hundreds and hundreds of prominent PhDs who are simply looking at the science. In life, I tend to believe those with top educations, not those with axes to grind for other reasons.

Time will tell the truth. Also, I assume we both agree that dirty coal is a big part of the problem and that the climate would benefit if there was much less coal burned. Hence, the need for NG.  


You should read through Dr. Curry's material before claiming that she denies that the climate is changing. The primary issue is whether and to what extent humans are impacting climate. 

To be clear, there is nearly universal agreement that the earth is currently experiencing warming as it makes its way out of the last ice age. There is honest disagreement about the nature and extent of our role in exacerbating the effects of natural warming.

Interglacials, such as the one we're in today, are naturally warm periods between glacial episodes; at times characterized by a glacier-free earth warmer, on average, than today; at other times characterized by substantially reduced areas of glacial coverage. The four most recent interglacial periods experienced maximum average temperatures >2 degrees C vs today. Interglacial periods have a duration ~10,000 - 30,000 years and we’re approximately 11,700 years into the latest interglacial period.

Therefore, natural warming will & should be expected to occur regardless of anthropogenic ‘contribution’.

So, IMO, the overwhelming focus & capital expenditure on reducing CO2 (at tax payer expense) is, at best, misguided. We should certainly address & prepare for the effects of rising temperatures & sea level, however, those efforts would be better spent on helping people relocate when necessary, limiting habitat destruction & unfettered deforestation, encouraging the prevention of future construction in wildland & floodplain areas, preservation of prairies and promoting more intelligent use of aquifers (to prevent subsidence) as well as on providing humanitarian efforts.

Dr Curry et al aren't outliers. There are a number of 'unbiased scientists' possessing 'decent credentials' with 'no axes to grind' who agree with and share her views. An unemotional, fact & evidence-based review of the peer-reviewed data & analyses would be worthwhile, IMO.

As you say, time will tell. And, yes, I agree that the use of coal should be eliminated - for a number of reasons.


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