Does any one know what companies are fracing currently in the areas covered by gohaynesvilleshale?



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Ah, but landmen know where to get this data.  And some of us do know a little about exploration.  LOL!

Some but not many. Thats why I sent this the GoHanynesvilleShale because I knew if anyone would know and respond it would be you. Now , who are they? and where? LOL


Use this link:

Enter date ranges going back a couple of months.  A week, thirty days at a time, whatever is manageable for a non-landman.  LOL.  With the number of rigs down the number of wells waiting on completion is declining however the last time I looked there were about 180.  EXCO certainly has need of pressure pumping services but like all HA operators they are lookong to drive prices down,  A sharp pencil should get some work.  Good Luck.

Thnanks Ship.


Meant to say

Thanks Skip

XTO, Anadarko, Encana, and EOG

thanks dbob


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