I own 40 acres in section 28,16n-13w.  Currently

the KInsey 28 well has shown positive production

for jan,feb, and march.  We originally leased with

Camterra.  We were told that the will was drilled

by JW operating, but then after receiving no royalties

were told EXCO would be paying us. My question is

aren't there laws stating payments are to be made no

later than 90 days after production.  Now its mid June

and still no payments.  We have contacted both companies

and they point the finger at the other.  What sould we do?

How can we find out who will pay us, according to

Sonris its JW, but they say call EXCO.  Why were not

informed of any of this?  If not for people like Jay and this

sight, we would know nothing. 

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WHen was well turned to sales and what does your lease say. Some say 120 days and some say 180. Then it depends on whether company complies. Send demand letter by certified mail and get attorney or you will be bullied forever.

We originally signed with Camterra which

stated 90 days, but as for Exco or JW,

who knows.  Excotold me they are waiting

on JW to get the names of all property owners

in our unit. "(sec 028,16n-13w)

EXCO owns the lease, but JW is the operator.


In the absence of a JOA or other agreement, the royalty payments for your undivided mineral interest (5 net acres) in the 40 acre tract will come from EXCO.



mr huges how might I ask would you know my

personal mineral interest for this land

John, most everything is of  public record. Ellis may even be able to tell you your social security number.


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