7.4 MMcfd, 22/64 choke, with 5450 lb per sq inch flowing casing pressure. 9 fracture stages pumped in the 3455 ft horizontal lateral.

Can someone tell me if what specifically all this means. Do these numbers represent a good producing well?

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Coach, the flow rate and pressure were reasonably good and comparable to the results in the Martin Field. Wells drilled to the Haynesville Shale in this area should be economic.
I think it's in RR Parish. Around 13N, 8/9 W.
KB, EnCana tested the JW Adcock #H3 Well (S15-T13N-R9W) at 8.0 MMcfd in the Martin Field.
What does it mean when you refer to the wells in this particular area as economic?
Coach, I mean horizontal wells drilled in this area of Red River & Bienville Parish with an initial rate of 7 - 8 MMcfd should recover sufficient reserves and generate an acceptable rate of return to justify the capital investment. I would also expect Questar's initial well rates to improve as they learn more about the completion of Haynesville Shale wells.
Les, any word on the Ashland Field which is a few miles from the Martin Field.
Grayling, I have not seen any Haynesville Shale wells permitted that far east but with time that could change.
Thanks Les. Should someone anticipate additional horizontal drilling within this section with the results of this well?
Coach, I would definitely anticipate additional horizontal wells drilled in that section but it may take some time as Questar evaluates other sections.
More like 23-25 miles from 15/10, S36 to 17/6, S36.
Check out El Paso's #235165, who needs anything more and oil to boot.
Professor Two Dogs,

Can you check this student's homework?

247286 MCF gas x $6.00 (estimate) = $1,483,716

Divided by 640 (acres) = $ 2,318.31

Multiplied by 22.5% (no cost royalty = $ 521.62

Am I figuring this correctly? Is this the royalty for one month for one acre?

If it in not correct please tell me the correct way to figure it.



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