Does a permit have to be obtained from the state before a workover can be done on a well?  The well on our property has been off since June.  Chesapeake says a workover is to be done.  What takes so long?

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A work permit would have to be obtained by an operator if one were to perform a major workover, stimulate the well via acid treatment, hydraulic fracture, plug back, deepen, squeeze old perfs, reperf, recomplete to a different zone, sidetrack, etc. Ordinary well maintenance (clean outs / flushing / resizing chokes not resulting in production greater than the allowable, etc.) does not generally require a permit.

The answer to other question is less precise. Scheduled work overs can be done with relatively short notice, however, if a well goes down unexpectedly, delays on booking a rig which can effect the proper workover can be extended based upon rig availability.


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