Completion and allowable data will be online sometime next week for the Comegys 6-7H, Comegys 32-29H and the Volentine 5-33H.  I think there are additional completed and tested wells that will follow soon after those first three.  I'll post results here once the data is uploaded to the state database.

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their continuing to drill these wells really puzzles me. maybe they've got a really sweet condensate sales agreement where they net $1000/bbl. yeah, that's got to be it.

They stopped drilling these wells three months ago.  They are just now reporting these wells complete.  There are three other wells that were spud back in the spring.  Two do not appear to have the lateral drilled.  Just the vertical and then nothing.  Perhaps they tested the interval and it looked the same as in these wells.  No need to throw good money after bad.

its funny, they were just proposing a new unit a couple to three weeks ago. my mom got noticed on it. the well would encompass the s/2 of volentine section 5 and the entire section below.

maybe the right hand doesn't know what the left one is doing. 

Land department and legal do their thing until operations tells them to stop.  It doesn't cost much to file a unit application.  Maybe APC will have better luck in Cass County.


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