Intended to start a discussion here but may have messaged everyone in the Austin Chalk group by mistake. Please forgive any duplication of my efforts and feel free to delete any wayward messages! I've been contacted by Redhawk once again, just as my "free lease" with Amelia winds down at the end of the year (though I do have option to extend through June 2019). Redhawk is leasing for Devon, interest is Austin Chalk. Any neighbors have experience/lease with Redhawk or anyone else working in the area? I'd appreciate any info.

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We are in EBR Parish, but a little more south and east of Zachary, just North of Dyer road.  We leased in March but not with Rehawk or Devon.

John  EBR

Red Hawk would be a "land" company working for their "client", Devon Energy.  That kind of relationship is common.  I wouldn't spend too much time trying to research Redhawk.  The difference in the terms between the Amelia lease and the Redhawk/Devon lease should be your focus along with attempting to find out if any other companies are interested in and leasing in your specific area.  Competition for leases benefits mineral owners.

Have you been satisfied with Amelia? I am assuming no drilling was done on your acres. I just was contacted and am not sure what to do. I am much further east than you, nearer Baywood. Thanks for any info you have!

Just to be clear, Amelia Resources generates prospects.  The company does not drill wells.  At least not in that name in the State of Louisiana.  When it is an option, it is generally better to have a lease with an operating company (a company that does drill wells) either directly or with a land company representing the operator.  The difference in terms beneficial to the land/mineral owner can be significant for those who own more than a modest acreage interest.

Thanks so much for your comments and clarifications, Skip. My initial feeling was indeed that a lease with an active operating company (or their rep) is a better position than a lease on a prospect waiting to be sold. Now just waiting to see the paperwork from Redhawk. Are any other land companies or operators working to secure leases, or already holding leases, along Old Scenic Hwy (LA Hwy 942) in EBR? Specifically, does the Redhawk have any competition in my neighborhood?

Good question. And one worth following up.  The only means to determine if any additional companies are actively offering leases in your specific area, other than word of mouth, is the public records in your parish clerk of court's office.  You can usually get a short-term subscription for a remote access account which allows unlimited access for a period of time if you want to check often online.  Or, you can go in person to the record room and do a search for recently filed leases on the clerk's computer terminal.

Note that few companies record the full lease since the state legislature approved use of a memorandum of lease that does not state the full terms.  So no royalty fraction or other beneficial lease provisions would be included.  The memorandum, or memo, will state the Lessor (mineral owner), the Lessee (company taking the lease), the term in months or years and the location of the minerals by way of a legal description that should include section-township-range.


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