Here is the report off of Pryme's site.

ASX / Media Release 7 March 2013
Rosewood Plantation 21H No.1 Flow Test Result
Turner Bayou Chalk Project
1,040 Bbls of oil and 1,850 Mcf per day achieved
The well continues to clean up unloading drilling fluids
Production facilities construction underway
Rosewood Plantation 21H No.1 (61.53% Working Interest / 46.15% NRI)
The flow back operation on the Rosewood Plantation 21H No.1 well has been underway since
Monday night (Brisbane, Australia time) with the well achieving a maximum production rate of 1,040
barrels of oil and 1,850 Mcf per day on a 15/64 choke. Flow rates averaged 780 barrels of oil and
1,700 Mcf per day in the following twelve hours with less than a 15% water cut. The well is still
unloading drilling fluids and mud and continues to clean up. Once the clean-up process has been
completed and the well is turned to the sales line we will be able to establish a long term production
rate from the well.
The construction of production facilities will begin next week and it is planned to have first sales
turned through this facility by the end of this month. Oil produced and ready for sales has totalled
over 1,100 barrels gross (506 barrels net to Pryme) to date and natural gas is being flared before
being connected to the existing gas sales line later this month.
“The drilling of this well has been an anxious time for Pryme’s management team and shareholders
and I am sure the result speaks for itself,” said Justin Pettett, Pryme’s Managing Director. “We look
forward to the further development of the project in the coming months.

Looks GOOD. With the choke set at 15/64 they should not over produce the well. Looking GOOD so far.

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Where did you find that IP? Its not on their site. There is no new post since the 22nd of March. The well originally came in at that rate but fell rapidly (in 24 hours) to less than 200 bbls. per day. It was not what they expected. The last I heard it is shut-in with mud in the hole and formation. 

Joe, it was posted on sonris yesterday:

04/15/2013 10 19168 COMPLETED 3/3/13 AS A OIL WELL IN THE AUS RA SUGG RES;PM F 780 BOPD; 1700 MCFD; 1099 FTP; 3239 SITP; 15/64 CK; 137 BWPD; 1.5%BS&W; 2179 GOR; 41 GRVTY; PERFS 14898-19168' (ST: 10)

While that was the IP on that date, at that time, it did not maintain that rate of flow for any appreciable time. They were not even able to clear the mud and drilling fluids from the well and formation before they shut it in to assess the next step to try to increase production. The well was still "slugging" at that time. That I feel was a very bad mistake. First, they should have done a high volume (1,000 bbl +) acidization immediately to try to dissolve some of the formation and any mud that had infiltrated it. If the mud and debris is left in the hole and formation it will set-up under the temperatures and pressures that are present in the Chalk. Secondly, they should have done a gravel/sand pack to hold the formation open and allow the oil to migrate to the well bore. That's my opinion.

Hey Tom, I hadn't heard any news on that well in weeks,, thought they shut it in... Hoping Pryme can make a play in the chalk... Shawn

Hey Guys,

It does not look good. There is a post on the ASX site from the Annual Shareholder's Meeting which is today here but yesterday their time. It updates the information about the companies current situation and activities. They did not post it to the Pryme site. That link is:

They just can't complete a well correctly in the AC it seems. Are they using the Anadarko play book?

Looks like they are going to try to focus on shallow oil in the future.  Hopefully, they can get somebody who knows what they are doing to help them in Turner Bayou.

So much for the AC for now. I would like to see a TMS well in the deeper zones. Nobody has hit that area yet with a horizontal and frac.

This is my first post.  Just thought I'd share my thoughts on the "deja vu"experience I had after reading the rosedown posts by Pryme.  My inlaws are in the austin chalk and we were supposed to get the "Smith" well now put on hold.  In 1996 Sonat drilled a well on brassette lane with much anticipation.  The rosedown is almost a blow by blow repeat of what happened on that well.  The drilling mud was used also and caused the clogging of the well and later attempts with water injection did not open up the formation.  At least we've been getting a check since then and hoping the new technologies would make new wells more successful.  It's also suprising that Anadarko being the size company they are would more capable of handling what is a challenge but with a large upside.  From what I understand they are seeking partners or trying to sell the leases.  even more puzzling to me is how they are proceeding with the vernon parish which according to one person with Anadarko and not pursuing what he called "the sweet spot" of the formation where we are..  Go figure  Thanks to everyone for finally helping me get some info on rosedown since it seems they have been "tight lipped" about the current or lack thereof progress.

Devon put in the Murphy 63H1 well in W. Fel Parish near the La./Ms. line back on 4/1/12  where the TMS is deeper, but as you can, they were very timid in their frack job.

Murphy 63H1 -  TVD 13,800 ft. - lateral 5170 ft. - 19 stages -  275.8 K lbs. of proppant  per stage - 30 day IP  503 boepd.

Then they ran off to Texas to chase another play.


I'm posting this in both LeCour and this thread.

I tried to advise Pryme's people, in an email, that they should do a massive acidzation and then a gravel/sand pack or a slick water treatment before completion. They did not want to hear that. According to the person I emailed with; they had a plan that did not require any stimulation or any formation stabilization or enhancement. I tried..............

They apparently should have given your recommendation more consideration. :)


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