Rig up on Cromholt property west of Baker in East Baton Rouge Parish

The rig is up and should be drilling tomorrow. This is a unit that was unitized by LLOG several months ago for Tuscaloosa. My question is why are they putting in an oil based mud system for a straight vertical TUSC well? Any comments from mud men or anyone with a good guess would be appreciated.

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there is a lot of misinformation out there about dangers of shale drilling - happy to address specifics, but would rpefer to do so on another thread. 


dbob, I understand this.  I also know that no one that represents these companies is going to inform me if there were, or what those risks are!  when I tell you I know nothing about this stuff, I actually had to google " landman" to see what they do!  :)


I'm going to friend you. If you accept we can email off thread.



The well to which you are referring is off of Joor Road, northwest of the intersection of Hooper and Joor, has been producing since October.


The well which is the point of Bridgette's inquiry was recently spudded north of Hooper Road and its intersection with Lovett Road.  The pad had been built some time ago and had been inactive until recently.  The well is a repermit of the prior planned well.


Thanks for the reply. That area is a little out of the territory that I consider my primary interest and I'm really not up to date on it. Thanks for all of you guys helping Bridgette. 

Ditto!  to everyone that has commented!  Thanks!

The well is drilled and the rig is gone. The production tree is the largest I have ever seen. My guess is that from grown level to the top is 12 to 16 ft. The log shows very little in sand development in the strata that they are planning to produce. I think its 10-12 ft or so at 19,000+ ft. Not much there as far as I can see. The leases are running out and I think they are desperate. Just looks like they are trying to hold acreage by any production they can get rather than re-lease. 

In the past couple of weeks they have tried to do another perforation. The well is now listed on Sonris as a DRY HOLE.



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