Does anybody have details about the going rate for water usage in AC? Is water usage being negotiated into the Oil and Gas Lease Form or are folks signing separate agreements?

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You gotta have water to drill a oil well.  There is more of an issue of getting rid of salt water that often comes up with the oil/gas.  You will see often SWD wells being drilled.  That stands for Salt Water Disposal, so salt water is pumped back down in the earth from whence it came from.  

Thanks. I'm specifically inquiring about oil and gas companies negotiating agreements that allow the operator to use a landowner's water source to frac a well. Sometimes this water is trucked in, but it may also be taken from sources on site if the landowner has granted the right. I'm interested in the going rates for the water/bbl, and any other particulars of such an agreement that somebody may be willing to share.

Fracking uses a lot of water. Most of which is returned back up the well and must be disposed of. Yes, I understand your issue. Good luck.



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