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latest on gauthier well

12/26/2012 06 19162 12/24/12, SET 5 1/2" CASING AT 19161' WITH 1630 SACKS OF CEMENT. STATUS DATE: 12/24/12

Ok Avoyelles residents....does anyone live near the Gauthier well? Frac is complete and it apparently began flow back over the weekend. I would love to get a report on the length of the flare if anyone gets by there. 10', 15', 20' flare? 

I'm not good at judging, so forgive me. But I live maybe one-half mile away.  We watch that flare day and night.  It varies.  At some times, it seems to light all the sky.  At other times, it goes down.  I would say it averages about 15 ft.  Lots of activity around there.  They're putting up fences and gates. 


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