Any one leasing in or near S30 T17N R7W?

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Not that I am aware of, Jane.  There is a new permit for an alternate Hosston well in Section 28 to your east by Energen Resources Corp.  That is the only current activity in this week's Scout Report for District 6.
thanks for the info, Skip.  My sis & I have 280 ac. in S 30, so I will keep watching for actiivity reports.

You may have enough acreage to interest Energen.  Contact info follows.



will make a call.  Thanks

I have one working well in 17N 7W 17 and have asked Conoco Phillips and Energen why they don't put another well in this section. There were a couple of other wells that they let die and seem to have no plans to continue in this area.

Our family property (120 acres) is located S31 T17N R7W.

We are not presently leasing. Had a seismic survey done about 2-3 years ago and have not had any follow-up since.


Drew Stewart



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