Noticed that I haven't heard the noise of the rig for a few days and discovered that the rig is gone. There seems to be only one well-head instead of 2 ( one for Sec 6, another for Sec 1). I have read about the companies drilling just to keep the lease. Just wondering if anyone knows of this happening in our area.

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Thats 6.994 MMCFD, 20/64 choke, 6850 CP.

Yep, got caught up and looked at the IP.  Pretty good well.  Have you reviewed any production in nearby HA wells to get a feel for the decline rate in this area?
I haven't yet Skip. I will do and post soon. Thanks for your input, as always.
Skip, when you say, "how good depends on what kind of well it is", what do you mean?  I'm still WAY down on the learning curve, please excuse my many questions.  Thanks again
The discussion topic did not state if this was a Haynesville well or some other formation.  In other words this is an average Haynesville well but the same IP would make it a very good Cotton Valley well.

BS, the Kennedy 6 H1 Well was not as strong as other nearby QEP Haynesville Shale wells.  But this well is further east so the rock may be of slighty lower quality.  Look for the test rate of the nearby Kennedy 1 H1 Well in T15N-R9W to get another data point.


Questar, Kennedy 6 #H1 Well, Serial #241453, S6-T15N-R8W, Bienville Parish, 6994 Mcfd, 20/64" Choke, 6850 psi Flowing Pressure

Questar, J Smith 2 #H1 Well, Serial #241262, S2-T15N-R9W, Bienville Parish, 11961 Mcfd, 20/64" Choke, 7925 psi Flowing Pressure
Questar, Parks 11 #H1 Well, Serial #241248, S11-T15N-R9W, Bienville Parish, 13582 Mcfd, 18/64" Choke, 8250 psi Flowing Pressure
Questar, Billy R Harper 14 #H1 Well, Serial #240301, S23(14)-T15N-R9W, Bienville Parish, 12357 Mcfd, 20/64" Choke, 8200 psi Flowing Pressure
Questar, Billy Rex Harper 15 #H1 Well, Serial #239550, S15-T15N-R9W, Bienville Parish, 16054 Mcfd, 17/64" Choke, 7000 psi Flowing Pressure

OO Well, Glad I didn't spend the money, may have to down-size from a Benz to a Ford!  LOL   Thanks Les.

The following is the initial test results for the Kennedy 1 H1 Well.  Flow rate was 16% higher than the Kennedy 6 H1 Well which probably reflects slightly better rock quality.


Questar, Kennedy 1 #H1 Well, Serial #241438, S6(1)-T15N-R8(9)W, Bienville Parish, 8130 Mcfd, 20/64" Choke, 6700 psi Flowing Pressure

Well, I see where the Kennedy well is complete in section 6 and 1 as of June. Any idea when QEP might let go of some money? Never worked with them before and they don't send out any kind of information.
Got an interest in section 6.I got the division order signed and back to them over a month ago.  I got my first  check last week. Hope you sitting down, it was for, after deductions, $9.57!  That's not a typo.  Supposedly for June production.  So, we'll see what we shall see.
I have an interest in Section 1. We have not even received a division order. And since the wells were completed on the 15th of the month, seems like your June check should have been MUCH larger than that!  I am fortunate enough to get royalties in another part of Bienville Parish and that is not even close to what I think you should have received. I would be calling someone.
Hi Farmer-   We haven't received a division order either . Those around us that are leased with QEP received their first royalty checks weeks ago. We found out recently that our lease was sold to another company in 2009! I guess because we don't own much land and aren't worth fooling with!! lol


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