Could someone tell me how to find what township, range and section I live in? I guess I could look at my home papers, but was wondering if there was something "on line". 

Thanks, Kathe

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How can anyone answer a question like Kathe asked without more information than she provided. She claims to have the "home papers" but doesn't expend the energy to go find them.

Sorry I bothered you. I thought that there may be something on the Internet that I had not found that someone in these forums could quickly point me too. I definitely did not ask for someone to do the work for me. Please, disregard my message.

Look on the Bossier Parish Assessors Office site and maybe you can find your answer. Your tax assessment  should give you the information that you are looking for. Freddie has been looking for 2 years and can't find his answer.

Thank you Jim !


Contact any REALTOR, all we need is your properties street name, if it is in Bossier Parrish.

Thank you for responding with this information.


Kathe--This is so easy to do that I'm surprised no one else knows about it.  All you have to do is google "section township range map". Look for the earthpoint site.  Click on that site then click on view in google earth box.  It will download file on left bottom of screen.  Click on file and it will load google earth.  Put in site you are looking for (Shreveport, Mansfield, whatever) and it will go to that area.  Wait a few seconds and it will load the section township and range lines.  As you scroll over the lined boxes it will give you the info you need.  This will also work with Texas Abstract Maps which is a REAL help if you are looking up texas property.  Good Luck! 

Wow, that is cool - thank you Sandman? or Sand person !


You are very welcome.  I hopes this helps everyone out. 

this works good unless the area you are interested in is near a state border

go to

click  "ACCEPT"

scroll down to "Parish Maps" 

click on your Parish, this opens a .pdf, the tools show uo when you move your cursor near the bottom right corner


  If you leased to Red River Land in 2008, your property is in 33-19N-13W


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