Does anyone know of any activity in Cass County?

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anadarko has lots of land men checking the reoords  20 percent  royalty 200.00,per ac. for 3 plus 2   contact jeff mays atty. in atlanta before leasing

We are already in a lease with Pegasi which ends in February.  Jeff Mays helped with the lease as well.  It sounds like there are many interested companies that want to drill in the Cotton Valley, but confusing on who is doing what exactly out there.  I thought Pegasi had a hz well drilled there that was successful, I just haven't heard anyone on here talking about anything new in this area.  Thank you for all the information!

Thank you!

the pegasi well is a complete failure.they are broke.

anadarko has filed to drill a horsintal well in western marion co.

I was just contacted by Petro Land Group out of Tyler.  I know they have a few people going over the land books.

\petro land offered me 1/5 royalty 200.00 per ac. for 3 year plus a 2 year option at the same price

taylorcat what did they offer you?

They have not made an offer yet. It was just an initial contact call.

taylorcat what survey are your minerals in'

Yes. I believe with the same offer Wayland has. Landman (woman) out of Tyler and she does not want to reveal by who.

Do you have any clue?



I asked for 250.00 per ac.she said she would ask her boss have not receved a reply yet.

no I do not know wjo they are leasing for.

May be butting in, but would agree with Ms. Stephens. Based on past leasing history, my strong hunch is that  she is correct about PetroLand  leasing for Anadarko.

We have small interests in the James Taylor, Fishback, and W. Wilson surveys and recently  have had lease offers in the same range: $200, 20 percent, and 3 year term.  

Thanks, Cass County Gal, I really appreciate this discussion group and the updates.  Seems to me we're seeing a lot of interest in older production areas in  Cass and surrounding counties. We have small interests in Maron County, also, as well as Upshur and Gregg.  For us older folks, these groups and Google sure beat tromping around in Frazier Creek bottoms.


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