I thought the attached G-1 and G-5 would be interesting to some folks.  G-1 has the completion information - looks like acid fracs and therfore the target is the limestone formations.  


24 hour production is 479 bbl of 42.8 API gravity condensate or oil.  1179 bbls of water with that.  Note this is a vertical completion across multiple, thick zones.  


Maybe I need to get Joe Aldrige to look at this, but it looks more like what he describes as TMS rather than Eagle Ford Shale.  Any other thoughts?

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Thanks Skip.
I couldn't match the location with a drilling permit.
There is a rig drilling for Interstate out FM 230. They are on there second location now and will be moving to the Trinity-walker#1 next which is closer to Lovelady on FM 230. Not sure of the rig name, they have no signs nor is the name anywhere on the rig when you drive in the location.

So far location descriptions are inadequate to identify a rig.  On my map Lovelady is due south, not east, of Crockett. Is the location in Houston County or Madison?  There is a rig drilling 12.5 miles east of Madisonville which is close to the county line.

Interstate has a rig that spud a well in Mid Feb off of 230 and 2915. rig is Strata Scout #1

Permit is for Gore #1 - horizontal well

Thanks rock man. They are building another pad Trinity-Walker 1, so guess they will be moving to that one next

This completion is neither TMS or Eagleford / Eaglebine (time equivalent formations). The Glen Rose interval is a very thick carbonate sequence - Navidad / Sequitur and others has been chasing this play for the past few years in this trend.

This section sits well below (4000 to 5000') below the Eagle Ford et al section


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