According to my information there are seven new wells being drilled in Harrison County right now.  That is the most I can remember in years.

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Bob, I accepted your friend request. Now you and I will be able to use the site e-mail to converse. To find your site e-mail, go to the very top of any page and you will see 'Inbox'. Click on it to go to e-mail.

I saved your e-mail address and can send you a note with mine if you prefer to talk off of this site.

Tom, I don't really see anything new. Just the Swepco HA unit and a couple of Cotton Valley hz wells that have some age on them now. It may be getting near time to drill something new to hold production, though. I expect that it's just speculators looking for cheap minerals.


Julie,           Where is the SWEPCO HA unit?       Also, do you have any general thoughts on the chances of new Haynesville wells in Harrison County?           Tom


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