S/N 243302  Birdwell 22H - 8.802 MMcfd on a 16/64" choke, lateral length 3,512'.

S/N 243639  Powell 15H - 969 Mcfd on a 12/64" choke, lateral length 224'.

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Yeah, XTO is beginning to define the end of the Shale in Natchitoches Parish.

I agee Skip, but the well Encana drilled in 10/10, Section 6 (Surface location in Section 7, appears to be a good well though it seems Encana pulled it too hard in the early months instead of putting it on a restricted choke. Is it possible to tell if these wells in Natchitoches Parish are Haynesvilles or Bossiers?

SB, IMO Section 7 is in the shale, both.  And so is the majority of the lands immediately south for another mile then things get iffy.  In the section row 13 - 18 you have a good HA well in Section 17 and now an abbreviated lateral with low production in Section 15.  There is nothing to indicate mechanical problems with the Powell 15H in the SONRIS Lite well file.  I think it likely that the short lateral is owing to heavy faulting in that area.  One mile further south everything about the Birdwell 22H would seem to indicate that it is a good HA horizontal well likely to perform along the lines of the Faye Binning #2 in Section 17.  I think HA horizontals drilled in close vicinity to heavily faulted areas can make very good wells owing to greater natural fracturing in the formation.  They can be good wells as long as they are not drilled through the throw of the actual fault.  I know that heavy faulting occurs in this area because of data in the well file for the Steadman 28.  Although converted to a James Lime completion ( and a quite good one at 14.092 MMcfd) the well did test depths below the Haynesville.  Here's a quote from a letter from an XTO drilling engineer to the Office of Conservation and contained in the Steadman 28 well file at the District 6 office.

"The following formation tops were encountered while drilling the Steadman's 28 #1 (Pilot) well.  Hosston:  7479' MD (-7283' SS), Base Cotton Valley "B" Lime: 12023' MD (-11826' SS), Bossier Shale: 12397' (-12200' SS), Salt: 14660' SS).  The Haynesville Shale, Cotton Valley Lime and Smackover Lime were most likely faulted out and not encountered during drilling."

Very impressive, Skip!

I saw last weekend that one of these two wells had a workover rig on site?  Do you know what they are doing to the well?

George, this is an attempt by XTO to establish production in a different formation up hole.   XTO is attempting to get sufficient production to hold their dearly bought leases from production at 3400-3410' in the Birdwell 22H.

I saw on Sonris that Indigo recently permitted two wells in Section 15.  Since XTO has a producing well in this section, would XTO have had to release this section to Indigo to drill these two new wells?

No.  The Louisiana Office of Conservation cancelled its one operator per drilling unit rule last year.  Since then there have been numerous instances of companies drilling new multi-section, long lateral wells that include a unit operated by another company.  Of course the other company must agree to this and the request usually includes that the company that drilled the original unit well continues to operate and report it while the other company operates and reports the new wells.

Skip the location is in the southeast corner of XTO's section 15. They plan to drill section 14, 22 and 23 from that location. And maybe like 500 into other sections to hold leases.

Pine Knot, I think these are the two wells you interested in.  I hope they are good wells.

252181 HALL 14&23-10-10 H 001 01 17069204750000 60005 4894 09-JAN-20 015-10N-10W 35 GO TO LUW INFO 23000
252182 HALL 22&27-10-10 H 001 01 17069204760000 60005 7870 10-JAN-20 015-10N-10W 35 GO TO LUW INFO 23000

Thanks Skip the last letter I got showed 3 different wells. Looks like they made a change now.


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