On this well are they going back in the 220535 or is it a new drill just at same location?

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According to the longitude and latitude, same pad slightly offset wellbore location.  Looks like a new drill as opposed to a reentry.

It is a twin of an old dual lateral that was not stimulated.  Will be an interesting test to see if the frac will unlock rock that the original well did not.


Ensign US Drilling reported the Crowell LM 3 as Waiting On Orders @ 8621' on 2/14

Skip-is “waiting on orders” a sign that they have run into a problem?  Hope not!!

Not necessarily.  Our geologist would have to weigh in regarding the reported depth.  Could be a number of common things.

There are no drilling issues at that depth.  Could be a rig or mechanical issue with surface pipe.  


Any word on the possible issue if they are waiting on orders? 
Sonris doesn’t even show that the well was spud yet. 

The reason I subscribe to a weekly rig report is that SONRIS is behind on the drilling status nine times out of ten.  The discrepancy is because the rig operator (drilling contractor is reporting to the company publishing the weekly rig report, and doing so each Friday as a means to let subs and material suppliers know where to find the rig) while the well operator is reporting to the state and can do so at their leisure.  No one in the Office of Conservation is prodding them to report.  And there is no compelling reason for the well owner to report in a timely manner.

Could be something as simple as waiting on approval to run intermediate casing.  

I like the positive road for both Marathon/Southwind & me.   Thanks RM!

Lisa, suggest you put a live link to the well file in your discussion introduction.  That way it is at the top of each discussion page.  Sure makes things quicker and easier.

How & where do you do that via a Snip It Tool File?



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