RAPIDES 01 245249 BROADWAY H 001 03-AUG-12 H215 028-02N-02E 9709 WILDCAT-NO LA MONROE DIST 19500

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Thank Y’all for responding. It had been a long time and this is the place I’ve been getting info.  But after reading the operational update, thank you tc, it’s clearer to me what may be going on.

I don’t think they are having money problems. It’s just a lot more economical to go to Bakken/Thee Forks drill a well in half the time and money and produce 2500 to 3000 BOE/D.

No one has even come close to that in the TMS.

But having said that, maybe they will bring some of the new techniques down to La. Start drilling a bit farther east, they do have land leased east of the Broadway well. closer to the heart of the TMS. And get better results.

What do Y’all think? And can someone please explain to me the difference between bopd and boe/d. thanks.

No one knows where the heart of the TMS is. Halcon seems to think that it is in Rapides Parish or they wouldn't have bought the large position they have here. They just  need to drill a decent  well to light this fuse. It is my hope that the next well will be that well. They know what they have with the Broadway, they just had bad luck with all the mechanical problems. The shale is there or they wouldn't have went horizontal with the bore, unlike the Lambright where the shale wasn't thick enough to go sideways. I don't think it is dead to the West, in fact they could find the sweet spot there. Indigo thought it was to the West. It is my opinion that this formation will be more like the Eagle Ford and not the Bakken. Under Floyd Wilson running Petrohawk they did good in the Eagle Ford. I think under Floyd Wilson running Halcon the  TMS will soar like a Hawk.

Two Dogs, You are the man. That’s the kind of enthusiasm “I” needed to here. Thank you. I hope they go east and west and get their share of that 7 billion barrels of oil down in that old TMS.

But personally I need them to go east, just about 8 miles. I'm just saying.

Passed by Broadway yesterday. They have another drilling rig going up. Cajun drilling this time. Last time it was Trinidad.


Is it a full size rig or a completion/workover rig?

Pics courtesy of Doug Cox.


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