Heard of an offer this week (from Indigo) - NE Rapides Parish - $400 & 1/4.

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ok, catahoula is good.  is it near deville?

Closer to Ruby.


Another company making offers in this area.  A company named Lago Petroleum  making low-ball offers of $200/ac. for 5 years & 20% (they acknowledged that they were a broker).  Disapointing; but at least someone else is showing an interest in this area.  Never heard of this company.  Can anybody speculate who they may be working for?

I've signed with Indigo for $400/25%, but I've heard talk of Halcon (maybe used to be Ram or something?) offering $500/25%.

Halcon is one of the best shale drillers worldwide. They were formerly Petrohawk.

Befriend me if you want to fly with the hawk.

I don't know how to do the friend thing.  You work with Halcon?  I have a friend who was just hired by them as a landman.

Hello all.  Two Dogs my uncle and I own a total of 80 acres (40 acres each) around in that area.  We're intrested in leasing.  Only problem is, we live in Ruston.  Lagos sent us a lease agreement.  I did not like it.  I've seen several others talking about the same lease deal on the forum, so I'm glad I haven't signed.  I do have co-ownership with my sister, who has signed with Lagos on her part.  Our property is Section 10, Township 4 North, Range 1 East.  I'm trying to get all the help I can get. 

Lago still trying to pick up deals.  Came back again today with $300 for 5 years & 20%. 


Befriend me cause I am the real deal and represent one of the formost shale drillers worldwide.


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