Looks like there has been a new Permit issued for Crowell well SW of Glenmora.   Was SN# 251311 & now it is SN# 251809.

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Thanks Jay. Lots of frac water. Hopefully the oil percentage will increase over the next few days. 

Echoing some earlier comments by others, all the water produced may not just be frac water but instead may be coming from the AC (formation water).

Time will tell - and we are talking months to get an idea as to how good this well may be and what sort of O&G reserves and economics we are looking at.

I notice this morning that I did see several truck with those drop down trailers behind them on I-49 traveling south & I haven't seen them in a while now.

I've heard that production is up near 2200 BOPD and 1650 MCFD as of late last week. No report on water but with an on site SWD that really shouldn't matter to much. We shall see if what I heard has any truth to it.

Here is the test from the well that was drilled in 1997 just over a mile to the west.  It came on strong and then fell on its' face.  The initial potential is not near as important as the decline curve.  

COMP 09/19/97,OIL,AUSTIN CHALK,2645 BOPD,6949 MCFD GOR 2627/1,CK 20,GVTY 44.9,2086 BWD,BS&W 44%,FP 7300,CP PKR,OPEN HOLE COMPLETION UPDIP PERFS- 14,775-16,037'MD DOWNDIP PERFS-14,675-18,487'MD T.D. UPDIP 14,933'TVD;16,037'MD DOWNDIP 15,052'TVD 18,487'MD;AMEND WELL NAME:AUS C RA SU66;MCRIGHT 11


Jay, good post. I figure that this well was an "traditional" natural fracture AC reservoir / lots of examples of this type of rapid decline along the entire AC trend.

Preaching to the choir but your comment on production decline importance is dead on.

Everyone should keep in mind the steep production decline profile that has taken place on the initial AC Hz Frac wells in this area (EOG well in Avoyelles Parish).

Yes, it was a legacy dual lateral that was not fracture stimulated.  To me, Marathon must like what they see or else they would not have moved the rig over to the new Crowell well in Section 3.  This well is basically a "twin" of another legacy not stimulated well--it will be an interesting comparison to see the difference in flow rates--this legacy well tested  785 BOPD, 3747 MCFD, GOR 4773/1, CK 16, GVTY 48.4, 2150 BWD, BS&W .1%; FP 6100, CP 0,PERFS NORTH LATERAL-14,675-18,041'; SOUTH LATERAL 14,675-17,958' TD NORTH LATERAL- 14,842'TVD; 18,041'MD; TD SOUTH LATERAL-14,937'TVD;17,958'MD.  They spud the new well on Saturday February 1st.  


That would be pretty cool if that was the case. As always, time will tell - and the oilfield is one of the biggest rumor mills in the world!


Great deal guys!   Thanks so much for all your input!   Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but there has been very little activity in my area from 3D survey crews lately, but today there has been 2 small private single engine planes flying back & forth over my & Camp Claiborne area all day, flying east to west pattern   They have been landing & taking off from the Woodworth, LA air field.   Not the normal fire planes seen as before.   Just very unusual!   Could it be tied to 3D survey, etc.? 

Probably not 3D related - but could aerial gravity / magnetic survey or other type of remote sensing. Common practice for some subsurface evaluations - basically no permits required to get this data.

This type of data would go hand in hand with any 3D.

It doesn’t seem that Kirk barrell of Amelia Resources is confident with the results from the new post on his blog. 

Just read over Kirk's comment on this IP test - I am surprised that he didn't comment on this being an ultra early post frac IP rate done in first 24 hours (as was noted by posters on this site) and that we would have to wait some time for well to clean up and find a stabilized O&G rate before making any comments on economic assumptions (although he did briefly touch on waiting to see how production evolved over time).

Overall, I wouldn't put much into these comments at the very early point in time. We will know how this well / area will turn out as to production after a few months of reports.

Pretty sure that Amelia Resources doesn't have acreage in this part of the trend.


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