BLOUNT MCFADDIN GU is just West of the Co. line North of HWY. 21

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Phillip, they have had a permit for Blount McFaddin #2H since August of 2010 but they let it expire so they just filed a replacement permit.  Hopefully, that means they intend to drill it this time.

JFree, Will this be a gas or an oil well?  Also, do you know anything about an oil well drilled by Devon on the land where the Hatch unit is located?

Jeri, the permit is for the James Lime which produces wet gas (NG plus Condensate/NGLs).  When I get time I will look at the plats to see if there is some overlap on the Hatch Unit. I haven't heard of or noticed anything like that.

no overlap

Thanks jffree

Anyone interested in the James Lime activity should listen to the Crimson Exploration webcast from the latest investor conference.  The Crimson Executive states that there are a few companies talking about bringing in processing infrastructure and when that happens they may start to participate in some of the development. Sounds like it may take off a bit if they can put that in place.  Also states that evey well Devon has drilled has been better than the previous one.  Sounds good to me.

Does anyone know if Devon is leasing right now? Or if they are looking to lease? 


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