In the TRRC completions website it has (submited) 9/16/11, in the G-1 in the G-1 it has (Pending Operator Update) does that mean there through Fracing?

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No, it just means they have reported the drilling complete.  They will file another report with the IP data once they complete the well.
Ok thanks


This is the e-mail I recieved yesterday.


Your e-mail below has been forwarded to me for response.  According to the  information Chesapeake has provided on this unit, the well was completed (fracture stimulated) last month with expected first sales this month.  Since this is a new unit, it may take them a while to get division orders out but once that happens and you  get yours signed and back to them, payment should follow pretty quickly.  Your lease has been held by operations and now will be held by production. 


If I may assist further, please advise.


Bill Shackelford

Land Advisor

Devon Energy Production Company, L.P.


Bill this is Tom (Charlie)Fenelon in Montana,  I spoke with you a couple of months back.  We have still heard nothing on the well.  Do you have any data you can share at this time....Thanks  

Phillip, the IP report (G-1) is attached.  IP was 15.183 MMcfd on a 22/64 choke with a 7138# flowing pressure.  Production in December was 138,095 mcf and January was 164,556 mcf.  February should be available in a few days if not already.


Thankyou for the info... I stink at computers so finding this stuff on my own is almost impossible.  Again Thanks a lot.....Charlie

 Hey Charlie this is Phillip Hight I haven't herd from you in years. Chesapeke told me they should be sending out the DO letters soon.

jffree how do you find the RRC id. # for production

Go to the query page and use the "New Lease IDs Built Query".  You need the API # or the permit #.

Thanks the query page link didn't work but I found it.

Hey Phillip,  How the heck are you..... I bet its been close to 30 years we were just kids (ha...) call me 406 780 1468 we'll catch up a little and maybe I can find out more about the good old Spoon .....Later


I got the D.O. Letter Saterday and mailed it out this morning


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