We were contacted a couple of weeks ago by someone named "Andrew" about selling our mineral rights. I don't know what company he was representing, didn't ask. He offered $2000.00 an acre which we declined. Our neighbors were also contacted. Andrew said we should sell because there wasn't any activity in Sabine, only DeSoto. Our minerals are in 9N-12W-S21.

A new well pad has been constructed north of Zwolle, in the big woods. It is my understanding that 3 wells will be drilled on this pad. There has also been a huge frack pond constructed that holds 2+ billion barrels of water and it is very nearly full. Maybe things are ramping up here in Sabine, good news.

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2 well permits for HC wells producing from sections 32 - 9N - 12W, and immediately south, 2 - 8N - 12W.   GEP Haynesville received those permits on February 18.

Last summer, either Vine or GEP, I don't recall which, filed for a hearing to create CULs in various arrangements in 35-10N-12W, 2-9-12 and 11-9-12, for a total of 11 wells, some HA and some Mid-Bossier.  This is really good rock down there.   Best I can tell, there has been radio silence since those hearings.  I don't know how to research and find he results of those hearings.  What I do know is that no permits have been filed to start drilling any of those 11 wells.  Permits have been issued to drill CULs in the sections adjacent and to the east of those 3 sections.

How do I find out if the requests to form the CULs was granted?  Perhaps they are just awaiting an available rig, and other potential well sites are better, or they are drilling more of the edge of proven areas to define their prospects.

If anyone has any info, I would appreciate it.     

When an application is approved in the Commissioner's Public Hearing, a Field Order is issued.  It is rare for an application to be rejected but those who wish to look up the Field Order may do so in the Sonris Document Access portion of the database using the docket number under which the application appeared on the hearing agenda and searching under "Field Orders".  A Field Order is effectively indefinitely until such time that an application may be made to "dissolve" it.  The Field Order does not require any wells to be drilled.  It does serve as "spacing approval" for horizontal unit wells that can be permitted at a later date.

The zone of low porosity is in 11N-16 and 15W and maybe a portion of the western portion of 14W.  It is hard to define but the 11N townships east from mid-14W are not included in the zone.



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