I was wondering if anyone has been contacted concerning this well. I'm trying to figure out what I can expect next and in what kind of timeframe.

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I can report that the WOR has moved off the Keydets well. The BOP stack is gone from the well so I assume they are done with it this time. I did notice that the tree is larger than what was on it originally.  It reminds me of the larger sized trees that were on these wells when they moved the drill rig off. Eventually, they came back and swapped them out with smaller trees. Sorry, didn't get a picture to show what I am talking about.

That's as good o' news as I could hope for on my birthday!  Thanks for the updates, they are much appreciated.  Let's see if we can soak up some of this $4-$5 NG with two or three times as much volume as we've been used to!

Well, once again, I can report that a workover rig is back on the Keydets H1 well, same as before. I was there yesterday and they were pulling pipe out of the hole.  The rig must have moved in this week as it was not on location last Saturday when I was there.

Uh Oh! XTO showed some production for January! A whopping 15MCF!

Small but a very good sign. Hetying gas into well bore!!! Feb numbers will be interesting
Getting gas. Fat fingers

There should be an edit button which should be "live" for about ten or more minutes if you need to edit a reply or add to it.  It's in blue with a pencil next to it at the bottom of your reply box.

Zero Production For February!  AAAARRRGH!!

I wonder if there is a way to figure what I would have made from my minerals had I kept a working interest instead of signing for royalties?  Or is that even the term I'm looking for?  

Boy, XTO Sucks!  I've been emailing them a couple of times a week trying to get some info on what was the deal with this lease.  I have only seen a minimal amount of production since gas has been north of $3.00.  Pretty much nothing since October.

You would think they would want to sell as much as they could at prices like these!  I guess Blackstone doesn't own a big enough chunk in this lease...

MS, I checked the RRC site.  Still no production from Keydets for March.  I thought there might be something since the rig moved off in February.  Anyway, I guess we continue to wait and see it ever produces again.  I also noticed that there is a new drilling permit proposed for Keydets 4H.  When you open up the plat file, it also shows a routing for a 3H well.  Based on the spacing shown on the plat, there is enough room to slip in an H2 well in between the existing H1/B1 wells and the proposed H3 lateral. So, perhaps some new wells will be in the future for Keydets. 


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