I was wondering if anyone has been contacted concerning this well. I'm trying to figure out what I can expect next and in what kind of timeframe.

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I sure wish I could find out what's going on with H1 and B1.  XTO is no help at all.

Based on how this well's production crashed (42-405-30559), I would have to say that there was a downhole catastrophic failure taking place/ Casing collapse either near the heel of the lateral or in the vertical / curve section of the wellbore.

Something that could not be fixed despite all the rig efforts that were observed.

And unless you have wording in your lease that requires operator to share info, there is no reason for XTO to share any information with the mineral owners.

Could this section be re-drilled - yes. But odds are the economics on remaining gas that could be recovered from this partially depleted part of the reservoir are not favorable at today's prices.

Not what anyone wants to hear - sorry about that.

Then I guess I'll just be glad that they at least decided to drill a new one from the other end of the plat.

Gas production in October 2022 for the KEYDETS-A 47 4H well was 806,478 MCF. This compares with a maximum one-month production for the BSI KEYDETS DU H1 and B1 wells of 540,063 MCF in January 2019.

The average Henry Hub spot price for October was 5.66 $/MMBTU. Assuming XTO pays 5 $/MCF, the October 2022 gas production would be worth about 4 million dollars. 

Yep - minus taxes and any production related expenses and fees (for those who don't have cost free leases).

Bigger fracs creating these really high early production volumes - will be interesting to see production decline rate over next 12-18 months.

Cool!  Thanks Wyo Guy!

You're welcome, Mister Sunday.  Do you think XTO will pay royalties for this gas later this month?  That would be an excellent Christmas present!


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