The Petrohawk/Tensas Delta LLC well off Wallace Lake Rd. just permitted 1/25/2012.

Good Luck Sect. 18 GHShalers!

DrWAVeSport Cd1 2/6/2012

You can follow this HS well on Sonris Lite.

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Doc and HBP:

You both appear to be well-intentioned on this topic; and, y'know, both opinions are helpful (and understandable per POV).

HBP -- methinks that Doc may not know your top-flight credentials. 

Doc, per your bloody battle with CHK, you do know how to fight the fight, that's for sure.

Hey, if it was me, from what little I know about this situation . . . in this case I'd apply your advice, HBP, since I agree that it takes a smidgen of time for all such red-tape paperwork to fall into place.  So I'd make the phone calls first and see how it goes.

Then, like you both know, if the headaches continue, after more time, I'd go Doc's route.

Oh, Doc.  You might "friend" HBP via GHS's private internal e-mail and ask him his background.  HBP is an insider resource whom you might be impressed by vis-a-vis his strong resume and/or possibly ask for counsel from.

All good, folks.

And, y'know, thank goodness NG is trending up a bit these days.





Good Saturday to you.

HBP has my utmost GHS respect and I would not disagree with HBP's recommendations.

However, I and many, many others have had to "live" through the stall tactics, lack of communications (putting it mildly), obfuscation and out right lying certain O&Gs practice.

When "certain" Nat Gas Companies tell one over and over again that they have never received one's certified, signed return receipt mailed DO information (mailed in triplicate to 3 Departments and 2 of the Company's solely-owned Subs...When Company's Reps say they never received faxed and e-mailed copies of same DO info...When demand letter...1st sent certified signed return receipt, e-mailed and faxed several times over several months to  Departments, including DO Dept., Revenue Dept., JB Dept.,...and Operating Company...  And when Company shuts down several of its published fax numbers and won't return one's calls... 

I have been given good legal advice per "waiting" on O&G Companies...  Don't!

Of course, most are leased and I am not...  There may be the "rub."

Just remember...O&G Companies won't hesitate to throw the Legal System and their Lawyers at you and the Courts have shown that They expect U.S. to research, know, and pursue our own courses of Action/Justice first and not rely on them to fix things for U.S.

Don't want to look back and say...I wish I had done something sooner than later per starting the Legal Time Clock...  Just in case.

DrWAVeSport Cd1 9/29/2012





Well stated, Doc.

You truly have been put through the proverbial ringer.

So, so true.

And, as many GHS members have realized, you  really do know your stuff.

Granted.  There's no doubt about it.  Your hardship with CHK has been a tough row to hoe.

Of course, as I understand it (and I could be wrong) -- basically you've only had godawful dealings with one exceptionally disingenuous operator, i.e., CHK.

Whereas in my own case, I've had dealings with 5 operators in NW La. (not including CHK).  Plus, I dodged a big bullet by not signing with CHK after an extended fight.  (Lucky me.)

So, that's the perspective I'm bringing to this discussion, i.e., my "historical" interface with somewhat "more" reasonable operators.

Finally, you're exactly right.  You're in a fairly unique situation, being as you're not signed per being UMI.

And like me, many GHS members are, in fact, already signed with operators, which does put another spin on it.

Ergo, per your tragic track record with CHK -- which I fully agree everyone needs to be made aware of . . . then, if a landowner is dealing with CHK, I would agree you're technique would be quite wise.

True.  Good documentation never hurts.

That said, I still think HBP has valid insight when dealing with other "more" reasonable operators.

Just my 2 cents.

Have a good one, Doc.  Take care.


What/Who is HBP and how do I get into contact with them?


I too have a very unique situation.  I won a court case against some very unsavory individuals who submitted a "F.A.K.E. W.I.L.L." that was supposedly found after 18 years to this O&G company.  The O&G company entered into a lease agreeement with these folk and began to do business with them.  I have a copy of the lease agreement.  

I know that this lease agreement can be challenged due to the process that this O&G company went through to achieve it.  By the way, I did not enter into an agreement with them because they were caught in SEVERAL lies regarding this matter.  They knew that these folk did not have any valid claims to this land and told me so themselves!  (I can easily prove this...but will save this information in case this matter has to go to court).

Anyway, who do I contact at this O&G company regarding this issue of them basically dealing with a portion of the well that doesn't legally have my approval? And again, who is HBP?

They posted production on SONRIS in February, 2012.

My current attorney is extremely busy and cannot answer my questions.  However, he did send them a Demand Letter in approximately June, 2012 telling them that they needed to contact him.  My attorney received their response from them but told me that he needed time to review it to see if it was acceptable or not.

Any information and advice would be extremely beneficial and helpful.



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