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Drill baby, drill!



Can you post a unit plat for the new field? Thanks!

Stacey, it's not new.  Devon formed this unit in early 2012.   Use this link and search by Field Name for Little Sliver Creek.  The first unit is Docket #12-211 on 4/10/2012.  Additional units were formed by Docket 12-287 on 5/22/2012.  Units, once approved as Field Orders, remain in force indefinitely until dissolved by application to the Commissioner.  GDP is now the operator of this unit and likely all the units formed previously by DVN.

I am in this unit.

Good Luck, madison.

Thank You!

bulldozer pushing out topsoil in a big pile I am guessing to bring in clay for the pad but dont know for sure


I tried searching by "Applicant Name" assuming Goodrich Petroleum would work and "No Documents Found" popped up...

Is there any way to search by company name?

Hi, Bernell.  Skip included the link to the "lite" data regardig this well (in the title section directly above).  I haven't yet searched the document side of the Sonris site for the permit, etc.  However, you may try Goodrich's Org. ID, which I believe is G104.

The long. and lat. coordinates on the link Skip provided show the surface location in a field slightly south of LA 38, and just to the east of S. Lewiston Rd.  This is getting very close to my land, so like others, I definitely hope Goodrich has great success with this and other wells.

Thanks...the site location is interesting, because this would appear to be in Section 33, but the permit says it will be drilled from a site in Section 28.

I can't interpret everything on the site to understand what actual area is included in the unit..

Ahhh....found the plat using Skip's instructions...wild that this unit is catty cornered.

Also, interesting it is 880 acres.  The diagonal unit makes no sense, but the 880 acres makes a lot of sense...still makes me wonder why Goodrich is applying for 1280 acres in Mississippi for a 6000' (or less) lateral.


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