Carder Oil - 31 Operating not making interest payments to lease owners of Nat gas- oil they are pulling out of Webster, Sibley Field wells.

I am interested in knowing if there is other lease owners in the Sibley Field wells operated bye Carder Oil Company / 31 Operating,LLC, (Operator Name # 8270) that are not receiving their royalty payment for 2023. I know there were many issues with this company not paying in 2020 thru 2021. I would appreciate any news as of why this company sees fit to not make royalty payments to lease owners in 2023.

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Now you're in the right place, Gary.  I look forward to seeing the responses you get.


my family is not receiving payments either.  This battle has gone on for a few years starting with 31 Operating!

Cynthia Payne

Use this link to see a list of Carder wells.  Everything in blue is a link to data in the database.  The producing wells are those shown as Status 10.

Sorry to hear this is also happening to your family. I have sent e-mails after e-mails to Kris Freeman in their Rockwell Tx. office and no reply  This person is suppose to be the manager over royalty payment being issued for 31 Operating / Carter Oil in Webster parish.  As far as I know.   But past issued checks late 2022, from Carter Oil Company were issued buy a third party ", LLC issuer"  for them.

Thank you Skip for production link for Carter Oil Company.  Sadly they are pulling resources out of the ground and keeping the money for themselves.  Nice way do do business in Louisiana.

If you would like a referral to my O&G attorneys, let me know.


Unfortunately ignoring lessor complaints is a common tactic for oil and gas companies.  As the complaints about Carder and 31 Operating have been numerous over a protracted period of time, it appears likely that only the threat of litigation may convince the companies to communicate and straighten out the back royalty problem.  Considering the number of producing wells in Carder's list that are located in multiple sections, there should be a sufficient number of lessors in the same predicament that could share in the legal expense.  If there is interest in that approach, I'll try to find unit surveys that list the mineral owners.


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