One person is dead and two are injured following an early morning accident at a gas well site off of County Road 445, near Chireno.

According to Nacogdoches County Sheriff Thomas Kerss , the accident occurred around 8 a.m. Thursday. Upon investigation, Kerss says it appears an end cap came off of a high pressure pumping rig designed to pump saltwater. That end cap blew off of the 12 inch high pressure line, killing Jeremiah Keith Neeley, 34, of Kilgore..

Possibly an EXCO site, but I haven't seen any other details.  I know we like to discuss who has royalties, who is getting shafted, etc, but the guys on the ground are putting themselves at risk on a daily basis.  

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That is mostly Exco territory but EOG, Chevron and EnCana all have a well or two in the neighborhood.  What would cause that to happen?  Send prayers for those injured and for the family and friends of Mr. Neeley.  We forget just how dangerous the work is when nothing bad happens for a while.

" I know we like to discuss who has royalties, who is getting shafted, etc, but the guys on the ground are putting themselves at risk on a daily basis. "


well said. let's keep their families in our thoughts and prayers.


well said dbob. 

A family friend who used to post on this website & does work for Encana told me it is an Encana well.  Apparently the line was closed off and there was no relief valve and the pressure built up to the point of failure.  My prayers and thoughts are with Mr. Neeley's family and friends and the two gentleman who were injured.

So sorry to hear about this terrible accident. On the other hand, most people don't realize just how dangerous this industry can be. I'm a pipeline inspector and we encounter dangerous situations on every job we undertake. Whether it be 'live" lines or hydro-testing new lines, the pressures can sometimes go above 3,000# psi and that spells danger if you let your guard down for one minute. One of our main jobs is to stress SAFETY when working in these situations. I work around a lot of good guys that take their job seriously, but there is always someone who gets a little "lax" in the safety aspects and accidents happen. I'm not saying this is what happened  in this situation, because sometimes even the best safety practices are not good enough. I'm praying for Mr. Neeley's family during this time in their lives. To all those that work in this profession, I say "BE CAREFUL"!!!

Its always sad to hear that some one has got hurt or have a casulity. They have a lot of high pressure and high temperture wells in that area.They also have a lot of inexperience people working there. My hart goes out to the familys and loved ones.



Although I understand investigation is still ongoing, indications are at this point that there was a sudden catsrophic failue on a piece of equipment, and not operator error. 


I work off shore in federal waters on a production platform. They have a lot more rules and regulations out here that they do not have on land. On land they have no safety devices. I live not far from San Augustine. Ive seen a lot of thier locations. No pilots, no psv's, no safety system. You cant run a location like that long with out some thing happening.

If the valve was closed down stream and thier was no PSV then it was not equipement falure but operator error. They need more investagation. Its sad and as I said my hearts go out to the family and loved ones

How sad. So sorry for the family and friends who are grieving this terrible loss of their loved one, Jeremiah.  My prayers are with them.  Also praying for the ones injured.  


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