The discussion on the topic of the Chesapeake TV program veered into creating new markets for gas pumped out of the Haynesville Shale. But in the rush to convince people to convert cars to natural gas, you might want to read this very interesting article entitled "Natural Gas Myths."

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One day, they will be able to make "assoline". As green and sustainable architecture has allows our excrement and gasousness to heat and provide energy for buildings, perhaps one too our cars could be run on farts....there goes my analogy on ethanol in case my other post is ambiguous.
Cultivate "Jatropha" plant world wide for biodiesel fuel. Uses little water and grows on land (and in cracks of rocks) that only goats can survive on. Mexico, West Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, wind farms, pipeline right of way, etc. People cut hay on Interstate rights of way...why not grow plants for biodiesel fuel. Stop putting food (corn) in your gas tank and feed it to the millions of starving people all over the world. Needs research to fully domesticate plant for mass farming and to maximize oil derived from beans.

"The plant yields more than four times as much fuel per hectare as soybeans, and more than ten times that of maize (corn). "
I have goats. Believe it or not, there's a lot of things goats can't or won't eat! They are very picky. Those are mostly myths folks have about them. They will eat what cows won't like brush and weed leaves. But some of those will kill a goat. Cows can eat lower quality hay than goats must have. They can be raised together because they don't compete with each other.
You guys down in La. are fortunate in that you can choose fuel with or without ethanol. Our beloved (Republican) governor decreed that as of
Jan 1 of this year, ALL gasoline sold in Missouri
must have at least 10% ethanol. A small number of corn farmers in NE Missouri are becoming very wealthy as a result of this. The governor didn't say who is going to pay for all the carburetor damage done when the alcohol begins to dissolve
gaskets never intended to be exposed to anything other than petroleum based fuel. The town of Rogersville, just east of Springfield, is currently in a major legal battle to keep a big ethanol plant from being built. They estimate the water table, already low, will be dropped so low that the town will lose its water supply and all the surrounding farms will dry up for lack of water. And those corn farmers up in NE Missouri just keep getting richer.
I always thought Louisiana has the most corrupt politics anywhere, going all the way back to "Won't you 'hep me?".....yeah, I go back that far.
However, after ten years up here in Missouri, I am convinced that Louisiana politicians are still in the bush league when it comes to corruption.
Ethanol is a joke. However, there is a farmer who just obtained a grant to grow extraordinarily large sweet potatoes to determine if these potatoes are more efficient than corn. Who knows I might be wrong about the joke.
Ethanol is not the answer and it is not my opine. The planet cannot sustain human existance for the long term when the population reaches 8 billion and we are at 6.5 now. It will take every ounce of available energy to feed the world and burning 700 gallons of fuel to plant, fertalize, harvest, transport to processing, manufacture, ect. just cannot happen. An informative site is the world-o-meter, chcek it out it is an eye opener. Natural gas and methane anhydrite will be the bridge to new energy sources for the long term future.



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