For about the last week I have been hearing phrases like "all offers are off the table"," We are not signing anything right now."." They got an e-mail telling the to stop signing anything til further notice", "Cheaspeake is pulling there people out and concentrating on other area>" What actual real facts do we have? Anyone have any contact, calls, contract offers the last couple days? Any FACTS one way or the other?

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Beware: My family owns 5 ac in Keithvile and had not been asked to sign yet so there was a phone call made and to find out why, they were told that they already signed months ago for $750.00 . This makes no sense, my family menmber has not signed and in fact has turned them away for years. We are waiting on them to provide proof of somekind. I do not know what company this was yet but will post when I find out. I hope this is not some kind of trick that they have started pulling to fool old people in to something bad.
Check and see if there's been a lease recorded on the property.
we are closing with chesaspeake on next Thursday.....


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