advice needed on lease offer in S. Caddo offered by Clark Energy

We have long waited for any thing positive to come from

our 125 acres in Section 33  16n-13w in S. Caddo Elm Grove, home to the failed

Debroeck well.  We were recently offered a lease which would

pay 300 dollars an acre and Royalties at 1/5 of any

producing minerals.  The drillers state that the lease will only cover

minerals produced from "the surface of the earth to the top of the

Haynesville formation",  What might that mean that they are

drilling for?and is 300 with a 1/5th royalty a fair deal?. Any advice would be


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What if no other offers emerge. What type of minerals are they looking for? What figures should we
Be asking for?

do you think you could look at the lease to see if im being played

Randall Davidson is the best.  Fair and honest.

I will second that, give him a call. No matter what, you will learn much and can put things in perspective.

You really need to use an experienced oil and gas lawyer.  I used Grant Summers of Davidson, Jones & Summers, Shreveport. He wrote my leases. He is an experienced oil and gas lawyer.  I've been quite pleased with his work.

john, Clark Energy is neither a driller nor an operator.  Clark Energy is a land company offering lease terms on behalf of a client who might be an operator.  Might be an investor. You can ask.  They may tell you, they may not.  I suggest you heed the good advise offered by the members and engage the services of an experienced O&G attorney.  Either Randy Davidson or Grant Summers would be good choices.

That's what I was referring to when I mentioned investors.  A more polite term for a flipper.  LOL!  It is relatively common for flippers to get stuck with a lease they can't assign.  Sometimes it's not just one lease or a few hundred or thousands of dollars.  Sometimes it's dozens or hundreds of leases and millions of dollars.  It can be a very risky way to "invest" in O&G.  Since an operator must honor the terms of any lease they force pool or include in a lease well the terms are the important part.  I agree that the offer is not up to par for the location.

Last time I saw Clark energy involved in anything it was with Camterra energy.

Ask Jay what his opinion of Camterra is.  

My opinion of Camterra is that anyone who is signed up with them would thank their lucky stars to be signed up with Chesapeake instead.  If you have been on here for any amount of time you will understand the gravity of that statement.

Clark represented camterra in 2007 in southern caddo. Camterra then flipped to Chesapeake. I seriously doubt jeff Clark is flipping leases. If you need an atty I'd rec wiener Weiss and Madison. They are an old school Shreveport law firm that represents mineral owners, not producers. All I can say is Meg Amerine and Armand Roos did one hell of a job for my family in local, federal and the 5th circuit ct of appeals. Get them involved early so you don't get screwed or "hood" winked!

 Keep shopping, Clark is not a driller or energy producer but a lease broker and you have no earthly idea where the lease will land. Regardless of who you are dealing with seek advice from an experienced O&G Land Attorney before signing anything.

That said $300 and 1/5 are both a joke.

So you have no other offers, they aren't going after the Haynesville (which is what surface to top of Haynesville means), and your area is "home to the failed Debroeck well" = don't listen to anyone telling you to just throw the offer in the bin or telling you it's a joke. I believe one of these same people said "throw it in the bin, it's a joke" then later said "if they aren't going for the Haynesville then I'd take $250/acre @ 1/4". Crap like this makes me sick. You have an OFFER to lease and offers can be negotiated. I wouldn't listen to anyone immediately saying take less bonus money to up the royalty; while this is how it normally would play should at least try for MORE bonus money and MORE royalty before settling. You really shouldn't even be subjected to such nonsense as someone putting $250 @ 1/4 in your head because you should be trying for more.

Sadly, if you don't have any other offers then you don't have much leverage in negotiating and if you only have one offer then after you pass and the company moves on then you'd be thinking $300/acre for 125 acres sounded pretty good. You haven't even mentioned how long the primary term is or if they are requesting an option and, if so, how long and at what amount. As we all know, the Haynesville is a deep formation so even granting Surface to Top of the Haynesville is covering a lot of depth. Also, if the company is flipping then it's going to be a little harder to squeeze out 25% royalties as the NRI right off the bat is going to be 75% to the Assignee which isn't very attractive.

Get off this board and talk to a lawyer like some have suggested. The other 95% of the info you're going to get on this board is going to do nothing but cause you a headache and make you second guess everything. Do what feels right to you after you seek sound, professional advice.

The primary lease is 3 years, thanks for the advice

I live in San Antonio and am planning on going

to Shreveport on Next week to meet with

an O and G lawyer.  Since they are not drilling vey

far, do you think its oil they are after?



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