Stakes in S5-T16N-R12W. We were told Aethon? How do we find out what is happening?

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Priced at $.30 per barrel you may not sell much water!  My opinion is $.25 barrel is the going price.  At $1.00 per barrel you will sell zero H2O.

I agree with CG.  I don't have any recent reports of water prices but the last time I did it was in the Haynesville fairway, $0.30/bbl.

$0.25/bbl to $.35/bbl depending on distance from location. Keep in mind you want to price the water where the operators see value and want to use it. Let's use Skip's $.30/bbl for an example. Would you rather have $0.30/bbl and sell 800,000 barrels ($240k) or $1.00/bbl pricing and sell 0 barrels ($0)?

Water can make you a lot of money if you price it right.

New version horizontal well designs with long laterals and high proppant loads require very high volumes of water per each.  And operators rarely drill just one well at a time.  They drill 2 or 4 or 6.  Sequentially from the same surface location.

Good to know guys, thanks..



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