Around the first of this month, February, Aethon mailed their first checks for the wells they recently completed in the Marion Ferry area of Angelina County.  My Aethon check was larger than what BPX has been sending. My first observation was Aethon was sure pumping more gas than BPX.  These two Titan well sites are maybe 500 yards apart.  Anyone have any idea why BPX is not pumping gas at the rate that Aethon is?

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Aethon's well completions are more intensive than BP America's completion designs per Black Stone Minerals. Also, BP America's wells have been in production longer and production has declined more significantly compared to Aethon's recently completed wells due to reservoir depletion.

Note that BP America withdrew from Black Stone's joint venture development agreement but retained well bore ownership of BP wells within the "Laceyville Field"). BPX (as a BP America subsidiary) assumed the operating role for these wells mid last year.


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