AETHON S. Timber - Knox Alloc 1H and S. Timber - King - KVG Alloc 1H - San Augustine County

Does anyone have any news to report about these?  It is my understanding they have been drilled but not completed.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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When seeking location specific information, it is always good to post in the appropriate parish or county.  When you do that, members of the group receive an email alerting them to your new discussion.  When you post on the Main Page, that doesn't happen, you may or may not reach the member(s) that can help you.

Thanks Skip, I should have known that.  I have not been active for quite a while and lost what little touch I had!  I appreciate your expertise and guidance.

You're welcome.  You know you can always just leave Julie a comment/question on her personal page.  That's what I would do.  :-)

No completions reported on any of them yet.

Hey jffree! Hope you are doing well. I am looking forward to seeing how all of those will turn out.  Stay safe out there.

Hi there. It's always good to see "faces" that haven't been around for a while. Stop in more often. I wish I had some news to share but there's just not much going on down in the Shelby Extension right now.

There was that Shelby HA well that appeared on the rig report Friday.  How long since the last one in Shelby, Julie?

Aethon drilled a couple last summer, I think it was, but it's been several months now for sure. I have never seen this outfit (Legacy Reserves) drilling here before so I can't say anything about them but they are drilling this one over by the lake so it will be interesting to see what they can do, if nothing else.

Legacy's business model will have them hiring a lot of staff and consultants who are familiar with the area in question.

Their activities in Midland Basin / Howard County saw them take a 1000 acre block and drill 25+ 10,000' horizontals form multiple pad locations into different target zones. All their staff for that project were hired just to do that project.

The offset production that Legacy has there is not HA or BO.   It is HZ production from a zone around 6100'.  The new Legacy well is permitted to 11500' and the lateral shows a length of over 10000'.  


6100' is James Lime?????? Too lazy to pull a log right now LOL

Confirmed that 6100' is James Lime  (Huxley Field)


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