ANADARKO applies to dissolve existing wells in Caddo Pine Island Field and force pool separately owned tracts!

Has anyone else received a letter from attorneys Liskow & Lewis regarding ANADRARKO's application to dissolve existing HA RA SUCC, HA RA SUDD, HA RA SUII, HA RA SUJJ and HA RA SULL production units in Caddo-Pine Island field and to force pool separately owned tracts?

What does it mean to "dissolve" these existing units?

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Yea, Anadarko like to spread the royalty around with large units. They have a well in the Austin Chalk that is making 10 bbls of oil a day and they spread that around 1400 acres. They like to hold a lot of acreage with a little production.

So how would this affect someone who currently has a signed mineral lease agreement?

It means that they will be able to HBP more acreage per well and Your royalty will be diluted. They believe in Obama's philosophy of spreading the wealth around.

The worst part is they are trying to force pool acreage and hold it with a little production. When they first started producing Lacour I was upset that the unit just missed me now I think that is a good thing. I would rather not have a well than be held by 10bopd.

The O&G Sharks flipped a coin for you, heads they win and tails you lose. More than just politicians can be arrogant.

Immler if everyone on GHS was like you there wouldn't be a GHS.


Imagine this version of GHS - one page, with the familiar GHS header...  and a lone topic -

NW LA mineral owners, you're screwed.  Gripe amongst yourselves, here, on this forum...

-- Geo. Immler.

Wouldn't leave much draw for input or advertisements, though.

Seems like this is not an open forum. Not good to question the business or raise uncomfortable issues. I will only caution NW La Mineral Owners to be vigilant and not be screwed. I would also encourage many to consider how a little scrutiny goes over on this forum and note who is most sensitive to it.

A dull and booster type forum will lead to shills coming on encouraging everyone to randomly click on ads. I do think that has happened a few times recently and it was before I raised issues. So I would be careful about mentioning advertising.

Touchy, these professional land men.

Clicking ads provides Keith with income and allows the site to continue in operation.  I periodically remind members of this and the alternate means of supporting GHS, making a donation.

George, several of the respondents in this discussion have been here from the early days of the site over five years ago.  They have more than proven themselves as being knowledgeable and forthright in their posts.  No shilling, just the facts and qualified opinions.  IMO the reason that they take exception with some of your posts is the absence of any acknowledgement of the fact that mineral owners do have choices and leasing minerals is a business transaction best negotiated without losing one's temper or freezing up from fright.  For those of us who try to promote basic land and mineral owner education it gets tiresome to sustain that effort in an atmosphere of, "it doesn't matter, the O&G industry will screw you no matter what you do!" 

That cohort of long time members, who have stated their industry affiliation on numerous occasions, have weathered plenty of personal attacks and learned to turn the other cheek in a preponderance of instances.  No members have preached vigilance more than Two Dogs and Dion.  And they have gone much further than that to teach and explain the same rudimentary tenets repeatedly as new members show up with the same questions.  Although the site is certainly more dull than the early days, IMO that is a good thing that should not be repeated as there was much vitriol and little reason in the beginning.  Just because a member disagrees with you does not make the site any less of an open forum unless you choose not to continue your participation.  I would prefer that you hang around long enough to see the proof of my statements.

I raised issues, the target was my name, as if I were trying to monopolize or wanted to control. The Baton Rouge Landman,  I have never interacted with, saw fit to reenter my name in an hypothetical situation where I controlled the board. This to answer TD after he used the same tactic last week. If they believe in vigilance I am gladdened.They expect a certain worshipful tact I could be lacking, but issues will remain. I do not think vitriol is present, though some who post are very upset, rightfully so, by their situation as a mineral owner. To accuse me of, or imply, that I would run off input or advertising is very dramatic and speaks to an insecurity.

I do not care to break up the order of established relationships or protocol on this forum. After all, this is an area of the country not known for fluidity in relationships or practices.



As you know, there are other such boards/websites that the insider pros can use to exchange info.

What made GHS such a success from the very beginning, IMO, was the landowners and the friendly/helpful O&G pros.

Yet without the landowners and the intel that the pros harvest from the landowners per the pro's frequent questions as to location and lease terms, etc. --

GHS wouldn't be what it is.  It's a quid pro quo, not a one-sided equation.

In other words, I doubt most of the GHS pros would even be here if it wasn't for the intel that the landowners are offering since the biz intel can be harvested from other more reliable websites.

Indeed, why do so many insiders invest their time here?  Is it partly because of the intel from the landowners (which sometimes might come with unneeded baggage)?

Of course, for the landowners, the answer is easy when they have to make a life-changing decision in regards to their mineral estates when a lease comes along, i.e., a decision which they will have to live with for decades to come (if not a lifetime).

Whereas with the pro landmen and O&G insiders, it's just another day at the office.  It's their career, and they're not as emotionally involved in the particulars as are the landowners.


Professional landmen. Yea, right.

One may now even pursue a college degree in LANDMANOLOGY at Western State College in Gunnision, CO. When I was there, the master's degree in indian  basket weaving was the big get-by and hanger-oner. Course, I was just there for the chicks, the Coors annd the fly fishing, in that order,  and not actually registered as a student. But to this day, I can barely tie my own shoelaces. Just think of the future I could have had with a degree in indian  basket weaving.  Paradise lost.


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